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"Gift This App" appears in the app store

When the 2010 baseball season began, I knew I wanted to buy MLB At Bat for a friend. Unfortunately there was no way to do that directly, so I had to settle for a Gift Certificate. Then I discovered that Gift Certificates are only available in $10 increments, starting at $10 and ending at $50. ...

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TUAW Tip: Veency remote controls your iPhone from your Mac

Reader Kevin C. sent us a tip the other day -- he recently got a Bose SoundDock II, which is a nice little speaker dock, as a Christmas gift, and he wants to know: with his iPhone sitting all the way across the room, is there any way he can control the iPhone from his Mac? Obviously there are lots o...

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Apple provides a Holiday Sampler for free

Hard to believe anyone who does the Christmas thing would be lacking in basic music like Silent Night or We Wish You a Merry Christmas, but do you have Sarah McLachlan or Weezer singing your carols? Now's your chance to pick up those classics for the low, low price of nothing on the iTunes store now...

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So you just got an iPhone -- now what?

All day on December 25, TUAW presents "Now What?" We've got first steps and recommendations for all the Apple gifts you (hopefully!) found under the tree today. Happy holidays! Congratulations, you've finally gotten an iPhone! It's either your very first one, or you've managed to upgrade to the iPh...

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So you just got an iPod touch -- now what?

All day on December 25, TUAW presents "Now What?" We've got first steps and recommendations for all the Apple gifts you (hopefully!) found under the tree today. Happy holidays! Did you wake up this morning with a shiny new iPod touch under the tree? If you did, read on to get our suggestions in mak...

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Gifts for the beginning developer

Whether you've just started writing your first lines of code or you've just moved over to the Mac/iPhone platform as a developer, this guide is sure to please. Books Cocoa Programming in Mac OS X ($31.49 on Amazon) There are really two excellent books that should be on every Mac developer's bookshel...

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1Password beta is Firefox 3-ready & 40% off today

If you're looking to add one more gift to the switcher-pile for tomorrow, a license for the indispensable browser credentials manager 1Password might be just the thing. MacZot and Agile are offering a 40% off deal on 1Password today ($29.95); along with the license you'll get access to the prereleas...

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New dance craze: Origami Benjamin Shuffle

When you've chugged back a gallon of 'nog in an effort to soothe your spirits over the size of your holiday bonus, consider the gifts that employees of BIG Images got this year. The entire staff of the large-format printing provider got iPod Shuffle units... neatly wrapped in two $100 bills. Nothing...

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DealMac last-minute holiday ship guide

What's the most important question when you're doing your holiday e-shopping? OK, the most important after "Where can I buy a Wii for less than $740?" and "Does this iPod Shuffle make me look fat?" Yes, it's "What is the absolute last minute I can order online and still get my gifts in time?" The fi...

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TUAW Survey: What Apple/Mac-related stuff are you giving this season?

This survey goes out to all you TUAW readers who are giving gifts around this time of year in celebration of one holiday or another: What Apple and/or Mac-related stuff are you giving this season? Is there a musician on your list just dying for a MIDI keyboard for GarageBand? How about that family m...

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