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iPhone resellers eagerly await iPhone 5

When you consider that there are four different versions of iPhones out there (original, 3G, 3GS, and 4), and all of them have sold a ton of units, it's clear that there are a whole lot of used iPhones around. That's probably why, as GigaOm reports, iPhone resellers are very excited for another...

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How to create a unique iOS home screen icon for your website

GIGAOM has put together a nifty article detailing the process for creating a unique iOS home screen icon for your website. When iOS users visit your website and create a home screen icon shortcut to easily access your site again, you want that icon to stand out and be easily identifiable amongs...

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Report indicates iOS users stick with platform due to 'lock-in effect'

Citing a report from research2guidance, GigaOM notes that Apple's market share of app downloads reversed the backward slide that began in 2009 and recently increased by 2 percent. This is a far cry from the doom n' gloom predictions many pundits have been espousing for Apple's platform, and it sh...

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Rumor: Apple might have bought iCloud.com

GigaOm is reporting that Sweden-based cloud storage company Xcerion has just sold its iCloud.com domain name for US$4.5 million and that the likely buyer is none other than Apple. Xcerion had previously sold a cloud-based storage service called iCloud, but it's been rebranded as CloudMe after t...

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iPad 2 benchmarks show impressive gains over original model

One of the first things many iPad 2 upgraders noticed was that the new device seemed very fast in comparison to the original iPad. Over at GigaOM, blogger Geoffrey Goetz ran benchmarks on an iPhone 4, an iPad and an iPad 2 (all running iOS 4.3) to show how speedy the new iPad really is. As yo...

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Report: RIAA pressured Apple into creating iTunes LP

This feature over at GigaOM has quite a few interesting insights about the iTunes LP program -- while Apple sells it wholeheartedly as "the visual experience of the record album," it appears the story behind the story is not quite so clean. According to an anonymous source in the industry (note, n...

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Commuter shirt with iPod pocket

Someone at Thomas Pink must be really hip to the iPod. First it was the Thomas Pink tie with secret iPod pocket, and now Thomas Pink has the Commuter shirt. What makes this shirt so special? It has a hidden pocket for your iPod (or other MP3 player, I suppose) as well as 'hidden casings' for your he...

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