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Gmail for iOS updated with improved Drive integration and attachment viewing

This past June, Gmail launched its top-to-bottom redesign of its iOS app, but that doesn't mean it can't already be improved. Google has released Version 2.4 of the email app, bringing with it the addition of increased integration with Drive and Google+. Now when you send a link in-app to one of t...

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Google's lawyers: If you use Gmail you have no expectation of privacy

While we know none of our readers would ever use email for nefarious purposes, the privacy of one's personal information is a hot topic thanks to the recent revelations about the NSA's domestic spying program. Well, there's bad news for privacy-minded Gmail fans: Google's official legal stance is ...

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PasswordBox answers the question "What happens to my passwords when I die?"

In the world of password management tools for OS X and iOS, there's one big gorilla out there -- 1Password from AgileBits. A new entry into the market may make inroads by not only offering a much more simple way to save login information, but also by letting you share that info with trusted indivi...

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Mailbox for iPhone adds landscape, Gmail aliases

Orchestra, Inc.'s Mailbox app has been updated to version 1.3.2, bringing with it a slew of new features and fixes. The first major addition is the inclusion of landscape view support, making the app just a little easier for users who prefer a sideways keyboard. The update also brings a new "send ...

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DevJuice: Is your app watching you?

The PRISM project is hitting the news just now, with the Director of National Intelligence issuing statements, and people talking about what privacy means in a free society. This morning, our backchannel discussion about PRISM drifted to the topic of user privacy in apps. Specifically, we've notic...

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New Gmail for iPhone adds auto-categorization

Google has just released a redesigned Gmail app for iOS that takes the already powerful email tool and supercharges it. The main feature that will have Gmail users singing its praises is support for Google's auto-categorization feature. By activating auto-categorization in your email account, Gmai...

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Gmail getting an updated interface on desktop and mobile

The Gmail Blog reports that the popular online email service is getting yet another facelift, on both the desktop and mobile clients. As you can see above, the new look's emphasis is on Facebook-style tabs, with all of your interactions boiled down into your Primary inbox, or Google's Social, Pr...

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Gmail for iOS updated with sign-out option, better iOS app integration

Gmail for iOS was updated today to version 2.2.7182, and folks who use the app to grab their Gmail-flavored email are going to be happy. First, there's now a way to sign out of individual accounts. In the past, signing out of one account was impossible -- you had to sign out of all of them at onc...

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Mailplane 3 now available

Mailplane 3 just came out of beta, and it's great. I've been using the beta for a while, and saw stability and speed improve with each iteration. While Gmail works great in a browser, there's something about having a dedicated application, as opposed to a Chrome SSB or Fluid instance. Mailpla...

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Gmail push notification no longer works with Mail on new iOS devices

Google's Gmail has provided push notification to iOS users through for years, but an announced change has taken effect that will leave users with new devices without push notification in the iPhone's native mail app. Google announced in December that the Microsoft Exchange support of...

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Gmail's mobile web interface now looks just like the app

I use Gmail pretty much exclusively for my incoming email, with three or four different accounts that redirect to my always online, easily accessible, and seemingly bottomless inbox. I thought the app the company recently released with a brand-new look was pretty impressive, and apparently so d...

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Mailbox for iPhone targets the "broken to-do list" of email

Feeling oppressed by your inbox? Struggling under the weight of unread messages? You're not alone. With half a billion results for "manage my/your email" there's obviously a need for help. Now add in the new wrinkle: many of us are interacting with email primarily or exclusively via our mobile de...

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Gmail 2.0 hits for iPhone and iPad with a whole new look

Google has just launched version 2.0 of its Gmail app for iOS. The new update introduces a totally revamped interface, which now features contact photos within email, infinite scrolling in mailboxes and various new animations. Gmail 2.0 also introduces autocomplete in its search field and the a...

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AOL previews cloud-based Alto mail, iCloud-ready

AOL is now taking beta invite requests for its new Alto email congregation tool. Not looking to compete outright with the likes of Gmail, Yahoo! or its own AOL client on the email front, Alto will instead act as a singular destination for users to check all their existing accounts at once. The ...

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SaneBox looks to tame busy email inboxes

Simplifying email is a task that several applications and email clients have tried and failed at. SaneBox, like many add-ons before it, aims to make your digital life easier without forcing you to change your email platform, but it ventures to accomplish this without just adding priority flags ...

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