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Godus hits iOS so you can play God on the go

Want to act like an omnipotent creator while sitting in your boring cubicle with a boss breathing down your neck? You're in luck! Godus -- Peter Molyneux's newest God game -- is now available for iOS, letting you amass followers and rule them with an iron fist or caress them with kindness. The ga...

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Peter Molyneux's Godus scheduled to land on Mac on September 13

If you've not heard of Godus, the upcoming deity simulator by heralded developer Peter Molyneux, you need only glance at the game's ultra successful Kickstarter to see how popular it already is. The title is scheduled to arrive on Mac and Windows through the Steam Early Access program on September...

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Curiosity ends; Winner will become Godus' god

We've been following the saga of 22Cans' Curiosity ever since it started last year, and after speeding up the project just recently, Peter Molyneux has announced via Twitter today that it's now done. The last cube has been tapped by a winner in Scotland named Bryan Henderson, and the prize is th...

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DeNA to publish Godus on iOS

Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans has been working on a Populous followup game called Godus, and the company has just announced a deal for a publisher. DeNA, the Japanese company behind the Mobage social platform, will be publishing Godus on iOS. And the game will also connect up to Mobage in Weste...

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22Cans speeds up the Curiosity cube

Peter Molyneux's 22Cans studio put out Curiosity on iOS last year, as a sort of a social game-slash-experiment. The idea was that hundreds of thousands of people would be able to download the app, and then use it chip away (by tapping) on a virtual cube, unearthing layer after layer of virtual...

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22cans' lead game designer talks about Curiosity and moving forward to Godus

Gary Leach is the lead game engineer at 22cans, which you probably know by now is game designer Peter Molyneux's experimental startup aiming to put together 22 different game experiences before actually releasing a full title. So far, 22cans has favored the iOS and Mac platforms with their re...

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22 Cans talks Curiosity: What's in the Cube and more

22 Cans is Peter Molyneux's latest endeavor -- a smaller indie game company from the creator of titles like Populous, Black and White and Fable that's putting together more experimental games on platforms like iOS. The company's first title is Curiosity, a game/experience that arrived on the Ap...

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Peter Molyneux looks to crowdfunding for 'Godus' on iOS

The creator of 1989's seminal "God game," Populous, is returning to the genre on iOS with a new title called Godus. Peter Molyneux and his recently formed indie software house 22 Cans announced the game today by launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund its development. iOS gamers will know 22 C...

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