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Tim Cook: Shareholder lawsuit is a 'silly sideshow'

You may recall a TUAW post last week about a shareholder lawsuit spearheaded by Greenlight Capital fund manager David Einhorn. The lawsuit essentially claims that Apple isn't doing enough to make sure that shareholders are receiving the benefits of the company's success, and contests a proposit...

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Goldman Sachs lists Apple at the top for hedge funds holdings

Apple stock is attractive to a wide variety of investors, including those who put their money in hedge funds. According to a Market Folly report, Goldman Sachs released its Q1 2012 Hedge Fund Trend Monitor report and placed Apple's stock at the top of its list. Apple appears on 106 funds th...

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Goldman Sachs projects AAPL will hit $750

Goldman Sachs sees a rosy future for Apple despite recent stock dips, expecting stock prices to hit $750 and advising investors to buy ahead of next Tuesday's earnings report. AppleInsider reports that analyst Bill Shope estimates that Apple sold 31.1 million iPhones and 12.5 million iPads in t...

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Tim Cook: Right CEO at the right time

Tim Cook wowed us in his recent presentation at a Goldman Sachs investment conference. Rather than formal and serious, Cook was very casual and lively in this talk. He was also forthcoming about Apple, discussing its immediate concerns with manufacturing conditions and its overall plan for the futu...

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iCloud gains 15 million users in 21 days, now at 100 million users

Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference yesterday, noted that iCloud now has over 100 million users. What's incredible is that just a month ago, Cook mentioned during the first quarter earnings call that the sync service had 85 million users. iCloud, whi...

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Cook: iCloud has 100 million users, 3 million Apple TVs sold last year

Tim Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, and he's shared a few up-to-date numbers about a few of Apple's platforms and services. iCloud is probably where he shared the most fascinating insight: The service now boasts over 100 million users, which is a very sizable us...

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Tim Cook speaks on labor, cash and culture during Goldman Sachs conference (Update)

Tim Cook presented remarks at a Goldman Sachs Technology Conference on February 14, and it turned out to be a quite lively affair. Cook opened up on a diverse array of topics ranging from Apple's commitment to improving working conditions at its suppliers all the way to what sounded to us like chok...

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Goldman Sachs sees iPad demand slowing

Almost two years after the iPad launch, Goldman Sachs reports that demand is slowing down, just as the holiday shopping season begins. "While improving holiday demand into late November could certainly push the momentum in the other direction, we believe it is prudent to assume the iPad is faci...

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Average Apple salary is only $46k

John Cassidy of The New Yorker took a deep dive into the balance sheets of both Apple and Goldman Sachs to see which company offers the best return on the capital it employs. Using the latest earnings reports from the two American companies, Cassidy calculates that the two firms share similar profit...

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Goldman Sachs resumes Apple coverage, targets AAPL at $430

Investing firm Goldman Sachs has decided to start covering Apple's stock profile, and that news sent the AAPL stock price up to $325.06 this morning, a nice boost from the day before. And that's not all -- not only did Goldman Sachs pull AAPL into its reporting fold, but it was about as bullish as ...

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iPod rumors cause Apple stock to rise

We all know that Apple is gathering the tech press for a Special Event (notice the capital letters) on September 5th, and it is pretty clear it has something to do with iPods. The rumors are swirling, and helping Apple's stock price. Goldman Sachs has told its clients that this event might introduce...

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