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The amazing Word Lens app for iOS is now free

Imagine an iPhone app that can instantly translate written text between languages in real time. It sounds like science fiction, but Word Lens (free) does exactly that. We were wowed by the app back in 2010 and now its parent company, Quest Visual, has been purchased by Google. The immediate result...

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Apple and Google to end patent lawsuits, work together on patent reform

Apple and Google today agreed to end all current patent infringement lawsuits in order to work together on patent reform, reports the WSJ. This agreement extends to existing litigation and does not include any cross-licensing agreements. It also does not include any lawsuits between Apple and Sams...

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The jury deliberates in the Apple vs. Samsung case and other news from April 30, 2014

The second Apple vs. Samsung trial is now in the hands of the jury, and in addition to asking for supplies, they also have asked for additional information regarding the first jury trial but was denied. As Electronista reports: The second jury question asked how Apple chose the five patents pres...

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Data swiped from LaCIe and other news from April 15, 2014

News from Tuesday afternoon includes: LaCie is notifying customers that malware was used to gain access to customer transactions between March 27, 2013, and March 10, 2014. Customers who have shopped through LaCie's site during this time might have had their names, addresses, email addresses, and...

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Answering Google's most asked questions about Apple

One of the first places people go with their questions is Google, and as always, Apple is a hot topic. Brace yourselves: It's time to answer Google's most popular questions about Apple and its various products. Why is Apple called Apple? According to an interview with Steve Wozniak from 2010,...

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Steve Jobs email: "2011: Holy War with Google"

Steve Jobs was never one to mince words, which makes recently released emails from the former Apple CEO not all that surprising. In documents that have come to light as part of Apple and Samsung's second California trial, the Wall Street Journal highlights a October 2010 email from Jobs, in antici...

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Emails reveal that Steve Jobs angrily called Sergey Brin over Google's recruitment of Apple's Safari team

During a period spanning 2005 through 2009, Apple and several other high-profile tech companies effectively signed off on anti-poaching agreements, whereby they agreed not to recruit employees from one another. The participants included Apple, Google, Adobe, Intuit, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Intel. N...

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Is Tim Cook "blowing it" by not acquiring more companies?

Earlier this week, I stumbled across a rather absurd article parroting a common refrain heard about Apple, namely that they need to take a page out of the playbooks of their less-successful competitors and start making headlines. Writing for BusinessInsider, Jay Yarow argues that Apple is just pl...

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Apple, Google, and other tech companies made a secret pact to keep employee salaries low while making billions

In theory, the tech world is supposed to be a bastion of freedom -- people with the best ideas are recruited by the best people to build the best products. Libertarians often point to Silicon Valley as an example of how the free market can set people free. It only works, however, if people are tru...

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Apple and Google band together and ask Supreme Court to help keep patent trolls at bay

Bloomberg reports that Apple, Google and 13 other companies are teaming up in an effort to convince the Supreme Court to make it easier to recoup attorneys fees stemming from frivolous patent suits. With more than US$140 billion in the bank, Apple is naturally an attractive target for patent trolls...

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Google brings Chrome apps to iOS

This past December, Google brought its Chrome apps launcher to Macs everywhere. Today it continues the march into Apple territory with the launch for Chrome apps for iOS. Based on the Apache Cordova open-source mobile development framework, the toolchain will allow developers to make mobile apps...

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Google Chrome for iOS updated with Translate, reduce-data usage features and iOS-exclusive new page tab

Google's recently announced update to Chrome for iOS is now available and brings along several previously unrevealed features. Users are now able to use Google Translate on their mobile devices to view pages written in other languages and access increased security when visiting potentially dangerous...

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Tempering your smart phone addiction

When the iPhone launched in 2007, geeks were suddenly granted instant access to various forms of trivial facts and Google searches, powered by an always-on unlimited data plan. This neither made them more fascinating conversationalists nor better company. Being able to instantly whip out a Web sea...

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Ridiculous moments in Apple development

In the Apple world, UTI refers to universal type identifiers. It's a hierarchical system that has replaced MIME types and file extensions to describe types of data, whether applications or images, movies or audio. They were first introduced in OS X 10.4 and now are used across both iOS and OS X. U...

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Adobe's Lightroom for iPad makes a brief appearance, Google acquires a Nest, and other news from Jan. 12-18

With so much news and so many stories flying around every day, we here at TUAW thought it might be good to offer a quick "executive summary" of some of the most important news events from the past week. How do we measure the criteria for this round-up? Well, it's a work in progress, but the basic...

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