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Use AppleScript to open current Safari URL in Google Chrome

I've been using John Gruber's suggestions from Going Flash-Free on Mac OS X, and How to Cheat When You Need It to avoid installing Adobe Flash by using Google Chrome (which includes its own version of Flash) whenever I run into a page that has Flash I want to see. To make this easier, John sugge...

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Safari used to hijack MacBook Pro at Pwn2Own 2011

A flaw in WebKit, the engine that underlies Safari, Mobile Safari, and several other browsers, was found to be vulnerable in this year's "Pwn2Own" competition, as reported by ZDNet and many others. This is noteworthy for several reasons: first, because the exploit did not use Flash. You will reme...

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Google Chrome for Mac (finally) gets Extension support

Exciting news for Mac-using Chrome lovers: the latest dev-channel build of Google Chrome (finally) includes support for extensions, among other new features. Similar to Firefox Add-ons, Chrome Extensions allow 3rd-party developers to add new functionality to the browser. There's a decent collection ...

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Chrome makes Safari take a back seat

ComputerWorld is reporting that Chrome has surpassed Safari as the third-most popular browser. According to Net Applications, which tracks the browser habits of 160 million unique visitors each month to the 40,000 sites it monitors for customers, Chrome's share jumped to 4.4% for the week of Dec....

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Chrome for Mac due in December?

I sure thought Google Chrome was already out for Mac, but apparently that was just a developer preview -- they haven't yet done an official release (it's been a tough road to travel, I guess). But the wait is almost over, according to Mashable. They've spotted a message on a developer list that h...

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Google Chrome released for Mac

Google has released an official developer preview of Google Chrome for the Mac. Rather than digging through nightly development builds, you can download the developer preview of the WebKit-based browser at Google's official webpage. Chrome sports several features similar to Safari 4 in Snow Leopa...

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