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iPhone 101: Clear local Safari storage to resolve Gmail issues

There's no denying it: locally caching messages in Gmail on the iPhone (via the storage capability in HTML 5, similar to Google Gears) is fun and good for you, especially if you don't connect to your Gmail via IMAP in the regular iPhone Mail application. Unfortunately, if the local copy of your mail...

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Google Gears beta for Safari

Google Gears has been around for Firefox on the Mac for quite a while. However, Safari users have been left in the cold. Google Gears allows you to access certain Google services, most notably Docs and Reader, offline (as well as other offline-enabled web services like Remember The Milk). This wee...

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Is Apple about to implement data persistence for Safari?

If the rental evidence we posted about earlier isn't enough, iPhone hacker extraordinaire Pumpkin has discovered evidence that we may soon see core persistence. TUAW wonders if this is possibly for Safari. Persistence refers to data that gets stored between sessions, similar to the way that Google ...

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Google CEO says look forward to more Google/iPhone announcements

At ZDNet UK, Andrew Donoghue writes that at a Tuesday event in Paris, Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised further developments of Google and Apple cooperation, particularly regarding the iPhone. Schmidt said to "[E]xpect other announcements from the two companies over time." The iPhone, he said, is a ...

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