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Tag: google translate

Google releases Google Translate 2.0 with handwriting support

Google has released a major update to its Translate app, which has been neglected for some time. With today's Google Translate 2.0 release, the app finally sees support for the iPhone 5. Google has also updated the app with an iOS 7-inspired design and added an additional seven languages including B...

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Google Translate for iOS adds iPad support

The Google Translate app (free) has become a universal app, adding support for the iPad. Unfortunately, it appears that the only real change to the app was to scale up the user interface elements to fit the larger screen of the iPad, but based on prior experiences with the app on the iPhone it sh...

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Siri, Google Translate act as travel companions for AllThingsD blogger

AllThingsD's Ina Fried was in Taipei over the weekend, and she took along both an iPhone 4S and an Android device with Google Translate onboard. What she found is that both of the devices and their accompanying software were very good travel companions. Google Translate (free) is also available...

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Lost in translation: HDMI adapter for iPhone 4 and iPad

Today seems to be a day for news from China, the birthplace of most Apple hardware. This little tidbit of info comes courtesy of Noosy, AKA Shenzhen North Technology Co., Ltd. The company has developed an HDMI adapter for the iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch, and iPad, so you can now pop t...

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Prizmo is a pretty amazing iPhone app for OCR and more

There are a few apps that are great demos for the iPhone. Pulse News is a super RSS feed reader, iMovie always drops a few jaws, and Siri is a pretty amazing way to talk to your iPhone and get intelligent search results. You can add Prizmo to the list of great demo apps, and it's going to be a ve...

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Four widgets for learning

While the app store ecosystem for the iPhone, and now iPad, are filled with a host of useful apps to help students convert, translate and calculate figures and words, there may be times where an iPhone or iPad app just don't fit into your workflow. Back when Mac OS X Tiger was launched, which happe...

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