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Google Earth goes skyward

Our sister blog Download Squad pointed to the updated Google Earth today dubbed 'Google Earth Sky', because in the newest version you can look up. Not content to cover everyone on the ground, our Google overlords have turned their eye to the sky, and you can now search through galaxies, nebulas, an...

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Apple Stores around the world with Google Earth

If you've ever felt oddly compelled to take a virtual tour of every existing Apple Store via Google Earth, relax. Your dream has come true. ifoAppleStore has released a .kml file containing a "tour" of existing stores, including contact information and addresses for each. Some even contain a shot of...

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TrailRunner 1.3 with Garmin and Nike Support

When we last mentioned TrailRunner it was pitched primarily as a tool for making your iPod into a workout tool. The newly released version 1.3 expands its functionality considerably with support for importing routes from the recently released Garmin Training Center as well as workout information fro...

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More on Geocoding Your Photos: GPSPhotoLinker and Geotagger

Earlier this week we posted on PhotoInfoEditor a small application for geocoding (adding location information to the metadata of digital photos). Well that seemed to shake some geocoding fans out of the woodwork, and so now we have a couple more ways to do it (both also donationware). First, Brian w...

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Google Earth 4 out of beta

I suppose the camp of Googlians waiting in line for the Stevenote can be forgiven for fleeing the code mines; they recently put the final touches on Google Earth 4, now out of beta. Shiny new features in the Google Earth revision include: Higher quality terrain and building textures Expanded K...

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Google Earth Automator actions

Nyhthawk at Automator.us has put together two Automator actions for Google Earth. The first is a 'Go To Location' action, while the second is a 'Save Screenshot' action. Since I can't find any version requirements for gEarth, I can only assume for now that they work with any version of the app (d...

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Google Earth plugin for SketchUp

SketchUp has teamed up with Google to create a beta plugin for SketchUp (a very cool drafting program). Why is this cool? You can create a building in SketchUp and place that drawing in its context in Google Earth. This is a very powerful concept and I'm sure lots of small Mac shops are rejoicing a...

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Google Earth officially available for Mac OS X

With all the cool new goodies from Apple distracting us today, we almost missed the fact that Google has officially made Google Earth for Mac OS X available. After the rumor and then the leaked beta, it sure is cool to see an official version. I played with it only briefly this afternoon (I could on...

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