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Browse through this interactive map of Apple's suppliers worldwide

Apple releases a list of all of its hardware supplier partners about once a year, as part of its Supplier Responsibility program. But the most recent list of suppliers included not only company names, but also addresses for each, and so a site called ChinaFile took all of those addresses and pu...

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Australian firefighters call Apple Maps 'dangerous'

There seems to be no end to the grievances when it comes to Australia and the inaccuracy of Apple's mapping information. Case in point: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australia's Country Fire Authority (CFA) is claiming Apple Maps is responsible for creating "potentially dangerous situa...

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Engadget interviews Daniel Graf about Google Maps for iOS

When it became clear that Apple Maps was quickly falling flat on its face, everyone waited with bated breath to see what Google had up its sleeve for its own standalone maps app. By all accounts, Google Maps for iOS is indeed the cream of the crop, and Engadget recently sat down with Daniel Graf, ...

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TUAW's Best of 2012 Personal Picks: Michael Grothaus, and the year that wasn't

In my opinion, 2012 was a lackluster year for the Apple ecosystem and the tech sector as a whole. Smartphones are now ubiquitous and this is the year the tablet hit mainstream adoption. While those are both good things, the whole touch computing world is now five years old and innovation and ex...

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iOS 6 spike last weekend due to China, not Google Maps

Earlier this week, mobile ad exchange company MoPub released a report showing a 26 percent increase in iOS 6 adoption over the weekend. The company attributed this jump to the launch of Google Maps. According to a TechCrunch report, rival mobile ad company Chitika claims it is China and not Goo...

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Tip: Use Google Maps as a transit routing provider for Apple Maps

Now that Google Maps is back on the iPhone, users have plenty of map choices to use. While I prefer Google Maps by a long shot, there are (amazingly) some who like Apple Maps better. Their primary reason: Apple Maps's systemwide integration into iOS. However, a legitimate gripe about Apple Ma...

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iOS 6 adoption grows 29% after release of Google Maps

Apple's launch of iOS was marred by the controversy surrounding its Maps application. The situation was so bad that many people held off on updating to iOS 6 until Google Maps was restored to iOS, says a report by mobile ad exchange company MoPub. MoPub tracks 12,000 mobile apps and noticed a b...

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Google Maps for iOS gets more than 10 million downloads right away

Talk about some pent-up demand: the refreshed and resurrected Google Maps app had more than 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours. That's the word from Jeff Huber at Google, who put out the numbers via Google+. Most reviews are positive, and a lot of iOS users seem elated to get away from ...

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How to use Google Maps with Siri

For many, the release of Google Maps for iOS was like the Second Coming. However, since Google's maps are no longer integrated directly into iOS, using some features on the iPhone -- like asking Siri for directions -- still opens Apple's Maps app. Thankfully a few workarounds have emerged tha...

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Talkcast tonight: Navigating the new Maps landscape on iOS 6

The App Store featured a new offering this week: Google's much-anticipated native Google Maps app, bringing the full-featured navigation tool (first appearing in iPhone OS 1.1.3 back in January of 2008) back to the platform after iOS 6 replaced the original Maps app backed by Google's data with an...

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Google Maps bumps iOS 6 adoption by just 0.2%

As the shortcomings of Apple Maps became more apparent, a vocal sect of iPhone owners refused to update to the new version of iOS. So, when Google Maps popped up in the App Store today, all those remaining holdouts finally jumped on board, right? Well, not quite. As TechCrunch reports, mobile ad n...

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Review: Google Maps for iOS

Google is back with a vengeance after Apple unceremoniously dumped them on iOS with a free Google Maps app. People rightly howled about it, especially since the Apple Maps app was slick but undernourished in the data and accuracy departments. Apple's Tim Cook has apologized, and there have be...

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Google Maps SDK lets iOS devs use Google's maps in apps

With the well-hyped release of the new Google Maps app came the quieter announcement that the company is also releasing a Google Maps SDK for iOS. The SDK allows app developers to prefer in-app Google Maps instead of Apple's iOS 6 maps. The SDK will also allow developers to specify in their app...

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Report: Google Maps for iOS could release tonight

After months of will-they-or-won't-they speculation, it appears that the debut of Google's own Maps app for iOS devices might finally be nigh. According to a report by AllThingsD, the search giant will launch Google Maps on the App Store sometime this evening. The outlet cites "sources familiar w...

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Some Google sources think there will never be a Google Maps app for iOS

Doubts have surfaced about the possibility of a dedicated Google Maps app on iOS. That wouldn't be good news for people struggling with Apple Maps on their iOS devices. In an article by our esteemed Michael Grothaus in the Guardian today, Michael quotes some Google sources as saying they are "not...

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