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Daily Update for March 14, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Mac 101: How to back up your Google Reader account

Google is sunsetting its Reader service in July and you may be on the hunt for a new RSS service and client to use. Before you fire up that new client, you should take a few minutes to back up your current Google Reader feeds as you may need to import them into your new app. Importing your feeds w...

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Alternatives to Google Reader for OS X and iOS users

Google caused a stir yesterday when it announced that it will shut down Google reader this summer. Though you have a few months to migrate to a new RSS reader, now is the time to start looking at alternatives. We've compiled a list of web services, OS X clients and iOS apps for you to consider whil...

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Google to shut down Google Reader, Snapseed for Mac among others

Fans of Google Reader are going into mourning, as Google has announced that it is shutting down the RSS reader service on July 1. As part of its now annual spring cleaning initiative, Google says service usage has declined. It urges people to find an alternative in the three and a half months b...

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Reeder for Mac now available on Mac App Store

Reeder, a popular Google Reader client on iOS, is now out of beta and available on the Mac App Store. While the beta version of Reeder for the Mac was free to test, the 1.0 release will set you back US$9.99, more than twice the price of the iPad version. That $9.99 offers syncing with Google ...

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iOS RSS reader NewsRack out now in Mac App Store

NewsRack, the popular iOS RSS feed reader, is now available for Mac OS X (10.6.6 or later) in the Mac App Store. The new version from omz:software offers syncing with Google Reader, drag and drop feed arrangement, tabbed browsing and thumbnail previews, just as any good feed reader should. It has b...

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Reeder client for Google Reader now available for iPad

It's been a busy few weeks for iPad RSS clients. The Early Edition saw an update, Pulse got keynote love followed by a quick yank from/return to the App Store... it's almost as if the whole Newspad idea is starting to catch on. Judging by our inbox volume, a lot of you are very excited about t...

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First Look: Byline 3.0 for iPhone

The folks over at Phantom Fish software have released version 3 of their popular Byline feed reader app for the iPhone. The update brings with it several new features, including integration with Instapaper, gesture-based navigation, and improved performance. Byline works by fetching a list of fee...

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Beta Beat: Gruml brings GReader to the Mac desktop

I discovered Gruml a while back, but didn't write about it right away because there were too many glitches in the first beta to make it really interesting. Thankfully, recent releases have smoothed out the vast majority of the kinks, and I can now present -- with gusto -- a great RSS reader that int...

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NetNewsWire starts syncing with Google Reader, NewsGator Online perishes

I have fervently wished for a desktop client to work with Google Reader for as long as Reader has been around. NewsGator finally answered my plea, announcing that NetNewsWire and the rest of the NewsGator RSS Reader Suite would be syncing solely with Google Reader after August 31, 2009. This signals...

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TUAW Interview: Milo Bird of Phantom Fish

On Tuesday, Phantom Fish released an update to Byline, its Google Reader-slash-offline browser app for iPhone and iPod touch. Byline's developer, Milo Bird, has been hard at work since Byline 1.0 was released, making improvements to the app based on his users' feedback. Last week, Milo took some tim...

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Byline 2.0 update a huge improvement: adds tag support, mini browser

Phantom Fish yesterday updated Byline to version 2.0, adding functionality to browse by tag, and a spiffy new wood-grain interface. I briefly reviewed Byline 1.0 in July, but wanted to re-visit the application after the update. Byline 2.0 is a Google Reader client and offline browser for the iPhone ...

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Google Reader problems

Several readers have let us know that our feed isn't updating in Google Reader. Our team of crack web ninjas is looking into this and I have faith that a solution will be found shortly. Until that time I suggest Google Reader users visit and repeatedly hit Command-R. Thanks to everyone who ...

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Daring Fireball feed goes free

John Gruber's Daring Fireball is probably my favorite Mac blog out there (save for the ol' TUAW, of course)-- it was one of the first I started reading, and he consistently provides not only great insight on Apple products and policies (and journalists' treatment of them), but a strong, often funny ...

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TUAW Tip: Setting Google Reader as your default RSS handler

April 2011: Post updated to remove links to older Google Reader Notifier and link to official Google Notifier tool. I'll admit it, I goofed. The screenshot for my post on using MisFox to set your Internet helper applications shows "Google" in the pop-up of choices for the default RSS ...

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