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The saga of changing from an iPhone 2G... to an iPhone 2G

My wife's iPhone 2G is broken. The power switch always thinks it is being pushed down, which means that the iPhone turns itself off fairly regularly. As you might expect, it's fairly annoying. Because I have a lot of nice, good, and generous friends, many of whom are also gadget folks, I asked on t...

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Black Swan brings Google Voice back to the iPhone without the App Store

Google Voice on the iPhone has been something of a sore subject for me. If you need a full-recap of the whole sordid iPhone/Google Voice story see this story from December or more of our coverage. I even started a little site devoted to waiting for Google Voice on the iPhone called IsGoogleVoiceAvai...

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Access Google Voice from the iPhone via Safari

Earlier today, Google made a mobile web version of Google Voice available for the iPhone. To understand the significance of this move, here's a bit of back story. Apple pulled all Google Voice related apps from the App Store back in July, which led to an FCC inquiry, which led Apple to claim they...

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Is Google Voice available for the iPhone?

Need a refresher on the Google Voice and Apple saga? Let's recap the story to date: Apple pulled all Google Voice related apps from the App Store back in July, which led to an FCC inquiry, which led Apple to claim they had not rejected but were "studying" Google Voice, which Google contradicted. ...

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Should we continue using an app that Apple has rejected?

It doesn't happen so much anymore, but not too long ago you'd hear about a new offering arriving in the App Store that would stir up a little controversy (the NetShare tethering app springs to mind). They'd enjoy some fanfare and a ton of purchases for a few days before being summarily removed, neve...

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Business Insider: AT&T to allow VoIP on its 3G network

Business Insider is reporting that AT&T has given Apple the go-ahead to enable Voice over IP (VoIP) apps such as Skype on its 3G network. In the past, VoIP apps required a Wi-Fi connection. The announcement was made in advance of the annual conference sponsored by CTIA - The Wireless Associatio...

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Using Skype to battle cell phone dead zones

Is the cell coverage in your area not up to par? Whether you happen to have steel walls or live where there are no cell phone towers or trees cleverly disguised as cell phone towers, some of us must deal with the reality that, while we own arguably the most innovative gadget in recent years in the i...

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Google contradicts Apple, states Apple rejected Google Voice

The Google Voice story grows even murkier today as new details arise about its App Store rejection. When the FCC launched an inquiry into the presence of the Google Voice app on the App Store, Apple, AT&T and Google all provided formal response letters. Portions of Google's letter were kept con...

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Distinctions without differences: Apple's inconsistent app store rejection policies

I admit, I was one of those to pile on ol' Ma Bell as the culprit for keeping the Google Voice app (don't I wish that was a real iTunes link) off the App Store. Restrictions on Skype and the SlingPlayer app on the iPhone had conditioned me to believe that the "game changing" iPhone had, well, a comp...

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FCC Responses: Google's turn to answer to the FCC

Along with Apple's and AT&T's response, Google has also responded to the FCC's inquiry on the Google Voice rejection. Unfortunately, the contact between Apple and Google on the rejection has been removed from the letter, which will not clear up everything just yet. There's no apparent reason w...

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FCC Responses: Apple's take on the GV apps mess

The functionality allowing an app to replace Visual Voicemail with a separate service is neither novel nor categorically banned from the App Store, as this is already available in the YouMail app. The iPhone supports standard GSM codes for conditional forwarding of calls to third-party answering...

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FCC responses are in: AT&T disavows any knowledge of App Store internal shenanigans

Engadget got a copy of AT&T's response to the FCC inquiries, and to sum it up: the Death Star finds the FCC's lack of faith disturbing. The telecom giant says that it neither supported not opposed the Google Voice apps for iPhone -- in fact, Apple didn't mention the GV apps to AT&T, nor doe...

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More red meat for the FCC to chew on with AT&T and Apple

Reflecting on my last post -- and how unbelievable the AT&T statement was that they have nothing to do with what gets approved in Apple's App Store -- convinced me I needed to refresh my dimming memory banks. Remember all the flames about whether Skype would come out for the iPhone last year? Th...

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It's the Feds! FCC quizzes Apple, AT&T and Google about Google Voice apps

Earlier today, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) sent out letters to Apple, AT&T and Google, readable here [FCC's letter to Apple, to AT&T & to Google] asking each company about its involvement in the Google Voice app rejections. The agency is asking Apple to explain why the ...

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Hands on (a little late) with GV Mobile for jailbroken phones

After writing about the GV Mobile situation on TUAW the other day, a helpful TUAW reader sent me a Google Voice invite (thanks Ian M! You rock!). I set up my account, hopped over to a jailbroken 3.0 iPod touch and downloaded a copy of the software via Cydia. I then copied it off the touch via sftp, ...

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