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Mythbusters takes on Gorilla Glass in Corning-Supported infomercials

MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman explore the technology of glass with a focus on Corning's revolutionary Gorilla Glass technology. In a multi-part video series, "The Glass Age", published on YouTube, the pair discuss the use of glass through out history and examine the compressive strengt...

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Gorilla Glass 3 panels to be 50 percent stronger, more scratch resistant

Corning, maker of the glass panels found in all iPhones and iPads, has announced the next generation of Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass 3 panels will be three times more scratch resistant, have a 50 percent increase in the panel's retained strength after a the glass becomes flawed (cracked or scra...

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Corning Gorilla Glass now used in over 1 billion devices worldwide

Gorilla Glass is the ultra-hard, scratch-resistant material that debuted on the original iPhone. When that seminal smartphone was in development, Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked Corning CEO Wendell Weeks into starting mass production of Gorilla Glass. It was a good thing that Weeks listened, as Cor...

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How Corning developed the iPhone glass

WIRED has published a compelling look at how Corning created Gorilla Glass, which is used in iPhones. Steve Jobs went to Corning in 2005 and convinced CEO Wendell Weeks that is company could invent a new type of glass within six months. That meeting was related in Walter Isaacson's bio of Jobs, bu...

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Nokia goes after iPhone, Android in ads

Nokia is ramping up for the launch of its flagship Lumia 900 on April 8. As part of an advertising push, the Finnish company released a series of YouTube videos that target the iPhone and Android. The ads take on the "fragile" glass design of the iPhone, the iPhone's "death grip" antenna cont...

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Engadget awards iPad best gadget of 2010

Apple won big in our sister website Engadget's annual editors' awards yesterday, taking the top prize with the iPad winning 'Gadget of the Year' and a number of other Apple products either winning or coming runner-up in their categories. "The iPad won this one going away -- there's just no de...

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