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Apple's opportunity to expand retail into India

The Wall Street Journal's Livemint blog reports that Apple may be considering opening up retail operations in India as soon as it possibly can, following a new governmental ruling in that country that foreign companies can indeed open and own retail stores. Apple's been poking around India for a w...

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Indiana lawmakers considering iPads

iPads are growing in popularity among educators, doctors and now lawmakers. The Houston Chronicle reports that the state is considering buying iPads for the Legislature's 50 senators and 100 representatives. Seen largely as a cost-cutting measure, the program (if adopted) would end the practice of...

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North Carolina town goes paperless, embraces iPads

The town of Cornelius, NC has launched a new program designed to cut down on paper use in the town's government facilities, and the linchpin of this program is none other than Apple's tablet, the iPad. According to the local Herald Weekly paper, the town passed out iPad 2s to commissioners at a...

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Apple reportedly complies with Taipei's app refund request

We reported earlier this month that Taipei was trying to require a seven-day trial for all apps sold in that country. While we weren't sure how valid that claim was, it appears Taipei wasn't kidding around. Google has completely removed its paid app section from the Taipei version of the Androi...

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Apple gains momentum in government, while BlackBerry stumbles

Federal agencies are undergoing an internal upheaval that threatens RIM's stranglehold on the government smartphone market. According to an article at the Washington Post, the Obama Administration is relaxing its rules on technology upgrades. Rather than old BlackBerry handsets, the modern gove...

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Apple making huge strides into government, enterprise and small business

On Friday, Needham analyst Charlie Wolf released a research note stating that Apple had made some huge advancements into the government, enterprise and small business markets in the US -- sectors typically dominated by Windows PC sales. Total shipments of Macs increased 66 percent in the first qu...

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US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords loves her iPad

Here's an interesting example of a shared story from The Daily in which US Representative Gabrielle Giffords proclaims her love of the iPad, and explains how she uses it for work. The Daily's Elizabeth Saab interviewed Rep. Giffords shortly before she was shot in Arizona, and the main topic was the ...

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Canadian government explores iPad use for high-ranking officials

Federal bureaucrats in Canada's capital city may be ditching their paper and pens and picking up iPads to conduct their official government business. A report from the Niagara Falls Review details a new initiative that could place the tablets into the hands of Ottawa's high-ranking officials. A p...

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iPads used by House of Representatives officially

Hot on the heels iPad's recent appearance in the U.S. House of Representatives, thanks to congressman Henry Cuellar, Politico reports that the iPad may soon gain formal access to Congress. As it stands, no electronic devices are allowed on the House floor. A tech-savvy group of incoming group of ...

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iPad appears in US House of Representatives

Politico picked up the story of a Democratic congressman rocking out an iPad while at the podium in the U.S. House of Representatives. The stylish iPad wielder was Henry Cuellar of the Texas 28th, who's described himself as a "techie." According to Politico's interview with Cuellar, the congressm...

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How to publish an Apple iBook

We've covered the issue tangentially before, but in case our guides on EPUB and the process itself haven't been enough to inspire you would-be authors to self-publish your book in iBooks, Greg Mills has a step-by-step guide just for you. Of course, the hardest part may be actually writing the book, ...

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US government posts more mobile apps

US President Barack Obama famously used an iPhone app and several social media tools in his successful campaign for the White House. Now, the US government has released more mobile apps. Just this week, has added several new apps, including: Product Recalls This mobile-optimized site l...

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iPad still pending FCC approval, not a problem

A few of our readers have pointed out this interesting little blurb currently found down at the bottom of the iPad's specs page: This device has not yet been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, ...

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Government / Military Mac users get PIV single sign-on from Thursby

Thursby Software is a longtime Mac development firm (since 1986) that has always had a mission: integrating Macs as full players in mixed-OS environments. While Mac OS X has gone a long way toward improving the situation of Mac users in predominantly Microsoft environments, there are still situation...

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Mac-savvy Obama staffers frustrated with legacy White House

According to the Washington Post, the incoming U.S. presidential administration has inherited quite the challenging IT environment: The White House. President Obama's staff -- accustomed to Macs, social media, and having the latest equipment -- found Windows PCs with Microsoft Office 2003 in their ...

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