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The GPL, the App Store, and you

My colleague Chris wrote a post about the popular video playback client VLC being pulled from the App Store following objections from a developer who worked on the project that it was in breach of the GNU Public License. [The app has now been released on Cydia for jailbroken devices.] This unpopular...

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Grab your iOS version of VLC now... it may be gone soon

Based on the latest comments from VLC media player lead developer Rémi Denis-Courmont, it seems likely that the iOS version of the app probably won't be available much longer. Denis-Courmont claims that Apple is violating the GNU public license (GPL) under which VLC is released by applying DR...

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Apple buys CUPS

Big UNIX news this morning. Apple has bought out CUPS, the common UNIX printing system. The name may not sound familiar, but it's part of every Mac OS X installation. CUPS implements a cross-platform printing system based on the Internet Printing Protocol and is, according to its web page, the defac...

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