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Localscope for iOS gets a solid update just in time for your holiday travel

I've been using Localscope (US$2.99) since its debut. Localscope is a discovery app that gets data from 20 different sources to show what is around you with useful background information. The overhaul for iOS 7 looks very nice, with new colors and transparency. Controls disappear in context to what...

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Review: Sygic North America GPS

Sygic navigation apps aren't well known in the US, but they do have a complete offering that's attracted some attention. I thought I'd take a look at the North America version to see how it compares to other paid navigation apps and the Apple Maps app. Sygic's marquee feature, which is free for a l...

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Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector brings precise location to devices without GPS

Although many of us have become accustomed to using our iOS devices to figure out where we are and where we're going, there are still iOS devices that don't have assisted GPS built-in. In fact, if you have a Wi-Fi version of Apple's newest iPads (Air, mini with Retina display) or an iPod touch, th...

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Review: Speedometer GPS Tracker and HUD

Speedometer is a nifty US$1.99 universal iOS app that provides a speedometer for cars and cycling, as well as start times, time elapsed, distance, average speed, maximum speed and your altitude. The app also features a map mode where you can see your starting point and current position, and a share...

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Garmin announces a portable heads-up display for StreetPilot and Navigon apps

Garmin is bringing something new to smartphone navigation in cars. Today, the company announced the late summer availability of a portable heads-up display (HUD) for iPhones running the Garmin StreetPilot app or a Navigon app. The unit will retail for US$129.99. "HUD redefines the navigation expe...

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Maps Pro - Google Maps Edition for iPad is a mixed bag

iPad owners seeking a powerful map solution have been a bit deprived lately because so far, Google Maps for iOS is native only for the iPhone and iPod touch. There is no Google Maps app for the iPad at native resolution. WildPalm Ltd. has taken the Google data and packaged it in a Retina display-...

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The Inteliscope connects your iPhone to an actual firearm

We've talked before about how the iPhone can do a lot of things for you, but can it serve as a scope on a tactical rifle? That's the idea behind the Inteliscope, a new accessory that connects your iPhone to an actual tactical firearm. You just clip your iPhone 5 (or 4S or iPod touch) to the acce...

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Daily iPhone App: View Seeker Location Scout: a handy tool for iPhone photographers

View Seeker Location Scout is a handy US$0.99 photo app that can help you find the best locations for landscape photography. You can get all the best locations around you with a click, which the app does by sourcing images from Panoramio and Flickr. Once you find a spot you like it appears on a m...

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Origin Stories: EpicSesh aims to improve sports tracking with Xensr

While the iPhone has GPS, and it's good enough for most people, performance-oriented athletes may find the precision lacking. Enter EpicSesh, makers of the Xensr line of "sports motion-sensing devices." While it looks like the sensors are still undergoing testing, the promise is that athletes will...

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Magellan linking GPS hardware to smartphones with SmartGPS

Magellan has announced the nationwide availability of its new SmartGPS device. The hardware GPS for cars mates with an iPhone or Android app to provide the in-car solution with several advantages, including content from Yelp and Foursquare that's based on the user location and planned route. Live ...

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iPhones will play a big part in the upcoming automotive revolution

I just spent a few days in San Francisco attending a conference sponsored by Telenav, one of the leaders in navigation and services in both the automotive and smartphone worlds. Much of what is discussed at these kinds of get-togethers is off the record, giving reporters a sneak peek at upcom...

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Telenav is offering car companies an embedded navigation system that links to smartphones

One of the problems with using an iPhone or other smartphone for navigation is the screen size. Manipulating the phone while driving can be a serious distraction. To address this shortcoming -- and leverage the large-screen displays that are present in some modern vehicles -- Telenav has anno...

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Scout for iPhone adding 3d building and crowd-sourced traffic info later this year

Telenav today announced some major enhancements to its free Scout navigation app. Of note, 3D buildings and landmarks are included in the upcoming update, along with significant improvements to the Scout traffic content and user interface. Using some graphics techniques from the game industry...

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SpotLite GPS lets you find your dog with an iPhone

Earlier this month we pointed out the SpotLite 2.0 GPS tracking device by Securus, Inc. that helps you locate and find your pet. The durable, waterproof device offers 24-hour, real-time tracking or your favorite canine. SpotLite 2.0 is even backed by the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recov...

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Navigon and Garmin GPS navigation apps get updates and new features

Garmin and Navigon have a barrel full of free updates today, bringing the two GPS navigation solutions into closer parity. This seemed inevitable, since Garmin acquired Navigon in 2011. Both iOS apps now support voice directions through your car speakers if your iPhone has a Bluetooth connect...

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