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Tag: graphics

Logoist for Mac: A simple way to create logos and other useful graphics

There are many apps that can be used to create backgrounds, logos, and other graphics. Usually, the better the output, the more expensive the program. Photoshop comes to mind as the perfect example of one of these apps -- it's pricey, but it can do just about anything in terms of creating graphic...

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AutoDesk provides impressive 3D captures on an iPad with a free app

I'm always looking for impressive free apps to show what the iPad can accomplish, and I've done that this week with 123D Catch from AutoDesk. This iPad app (iPad 2 and new iPad only) allows you to use the iPad camera to photograph any object from a number of angles and elevations. Then the app ...

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Daily iPad App: Fibble is Crytek's entry onto iOS

If you had told me, just a couple of years ago, that Epic and Crytek would both have iOS apps in the store, I'm not sure I would have believed you. The Unreal Engine is one of the most popular graphical engines for major high resolution games, but Crytek is also very popular for its graphical w...

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Dark Meadow getting an update and free version, coming to Android

Dark Meadow is a title that's gained quite a bit of attention on the App Store since its release. It's a horror adventure game of sorts, though not that scary -- "dark fairytale" is what it calls itself -- with some really excellent graphics and pacing. If you've been turned off by the US$5.99 ...

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NYT: New iPad screen could be too good for the web

The New York Times points out what we (and Gruber) first saw when we fired up our new iPad -- most web images look terrible its Retina display. Companies that do business on the web now have a difficult decision to make about their graphics. Do they spend the extra cost to create, store and ser...

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New iPad uses Retina graphics assets for upscaling

Touch Arcade noticed something interesting about the new iPad that you might not have seen yet. Specifically, it uses Retina Display graphics meant for the iPhone 4 and 4S displays when doubling the size of non-universal iPhone apps. This is a small use case these days, as many popular apps a...

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Apple releases iMac Graphic, MacBook Pro EFI firmware updates

Apple recently released two firmware updates that address graphics problems in the iMac and select MacBook Pro models. The iMac update fixes a graphics issue in Lion that would lock up the all-in-one machine, while the MacBook Pro update targets 15-inch, late 2008 models with a flickering display....

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DevJuice: ShipIt! provides customizable image resizing for multiresolution development

ShipIt!, currently on sale for $0.99 at the Mac App Store, offers a simple utility for resizing multiresolution images. Its suite of standardized image formats (such as 512x512 iTunes artwork, 57x57 iPhone icons, and 72x72 iPad ones) ensure that you can create consistent elements from your core ar...

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Unity 3.5 available now, with new effects and performance updates

There are quite a few ways to make and build iPhone and iPad apps and games, but one of the most popular tools to create iOS games is the Unity engine, and that system has released version 3.5. The new version offers a number of improvements and upgrades, with lots of new particle and lighting and...

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Daily Mac App: PixFit

Last week, we looked at SnapRuler, a tool for measuring the dimensions of an object on your screen. This week, we are taking a look at PixFit, a similar, but less expensive tool for taking measurements. Whether it's a square image or an irregularly-shaped block of text, PixFit will give you the...

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Pixelmator 2.0 released with new tools, content-awareness, Lion support

I ditched Photoshop for Pixelmator about a year ago, but there were a few things missing in Pixelmator which caused me to fire up Photoshop once in a while. I also recently bought Aperture in an effort to better organize and retouch photos I started taking on my new Canon Rebel. Pixelmator 2 ...

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Daily Mac App: inPaint

I've used Photoshop for years, and recently upgraded to Photoshop CS5 mainly for one feature called Content-Aware Fill. It allows you to remove an element from an image, and the software very cleverly fills it in based on what is around the deleted object. It's quite amazing to use, and I'm often...

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TerraRay for Mac gets a speedy update

I took a look at TerraRay recently, and found it a good, low priced 3D scenery generator. It didn't have the features of the big boys like Vue or Bryce, but it is a fraction of the price. One of my biggest complaints in my review was that the rendering was slow. Now the app has a free update to...

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Daily iPad App: Quaternion Julia Raytracer HD

Of the many things I expected my iPad to do, ray tracing was not one of them. The ability to make realistic looking objects with accurate reflections was originally the domain of high end workstations, but over the years it has migrated down to laptop and desktop class computers. Now the progra...

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New category home pages arriving in the App Store

Apple's been quietly tweaking the design of the App Store, and The Next Web notes Apple has been posting new updates to App Store category pages and their designs. Games and Education are the first two to get a new, cleaner look. If it looks familiar, that's because the main music homepage uses...

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