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Road Tested: Voltaic Systems Generator laptop bag

Thinking green? Voltaic Systems' Generator laptop bag (US$499) might be just the thing to buy for Earth Day on April 22nd. I had a chance to road test one of these incredibly cool bags for a month and was very impressed. What makes it so special? Well, it could be the big photovoltaic panel on on...

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Road Tested: EcoRunner by Marware

As promised, we're launching a new series called Road Tested where we try out various products for a month or more, see how they hold up to extended "real world" use, and report back our findings. To kick things off we're looking at the EcoRunner from Marware [thanks to our friends at Dr. Bott for t...

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Dell comments on Apple's green commitment, TUAW translates from PR-speak to English

Dell executive Bob Pearson decided to comment on Apple's "green" ad campaign. It was hard to understand. We were confused. Fortunately, Robert was nice enough to translate. The original post, on Dell's site, is here. "Several Dell folks were surprised and perplexed to see Apple's new 'green' MacBook...

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GoodGuide gives you the low-down on Green Products

If you are environmentally conscious and only want to buy products that are safe and "Green," then look no further than your iPhone. That's because Good Guide [iTunes link] for iPhone allows you to search for these eco-friendly products. As a matter of fact, GoodGuide indexes over 65,000 products in...

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Apple's new "green" notebook ad

Apple aired a new television ad here in the US earlier tonight. It touts the MacBook's low power consumption, recyclable enclosure and lack of some of the toxins present in other computers. Activist group Greenpeace has been pressuring Apple to adopt more environmentally-friendly production methods ...

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Greenpeace responds to 'Greener Apple' update

Greenpeace is reacting favorably to Apple's new, environmentally friendlier product line, but chides the company for not reducing the amount of some toxic chemicals more quickly. According to a blog post on Greenpeace's website, Apple's new MacBooks are not entirely free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)...

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Apple products announced today: It's easier being green

Apple made a concerted effort today to highlight the reduced impact its new products have on the environment. This effort all started with Steve Jobs' open letter in 2007, A Greener Apple, announcing a long-term plan to "protect the environment and make our business more sustainable." The letter was...

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Parallels offers "Green Computing Bundle"

Parallels started offering a bundle of applications for sale last night (yes, that Parallels -- the one that makes VM software). The Parallels "Green Computing Bundle" is a collection of 9 applications for $49.99 including: Parallels Desktop for Mac MacScan PasswordWallet Macintosh Ex...

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Apple recycling information mailer not so green

An Apple Premium reseller in the UK sent us these photos of an Apple recycling information mailer they received: but the mailer itself was sent in a decidedly non-green way. From photos the reseller sent, it appears the mailer consisted of two sheets of standard A4-sized paper. Those sheets of pape...

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iPhone 3G to be shipped in eco-friendly packaging: spuds

The new iPhone 3G will ship in a paper tray made that has a carbon footprint a tenth the size of a plastic tray, according to its manufacturer. The paper tray, manufactured by Dutch firm PaperFoam, is made from potato or tapioca starch. According to Dutch blog Bright, PaperFoam CEO Hans Arentsen sa...

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Apple files patent for solar charging

Our sister blog, Engadget, noted yesterday that Apple has filed a patent for transparent photovoltaic cells that can cover portable devices. This means your iPod, iPhone or MacBook might be coated in a layer of clear, power-charging solar cells. Motorola already has a similar patent, though it only...

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TUAW go bragh

A big green Happy Saint Patrick's Day from TUAW. What says "American Irish experience" more than iPods in resplendent verdant hues? Or classic green gumdrop iMacs? Or colorwared MacBook Airs? We can't think of anything! Just remember to keep your electronics away from the jello shots and green beer...

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck to make a bunch of press kits?

In the press room at Macworld there was a little foyer with alphabetized buckets where you could pick up press kits from the various vendors. This is an exercise in wastefulness, as many of the press kits are glossy folders filled with photocopies and CD's. Now, I realize the coordination required...

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MacBook Air: greenest Apple yet

Apple has received a lot of flack, especially from Greenpeace, for their supposedly less-than-stellar commitment to "green" design and manufacturing processes. However, the MacBook Air might be a sign of changes to come, as it is officially the most environmentally-friendly Apple product on the she...

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How green is Apple?

Is Apple a "green" company? Today is Blog Action Day, where 15,000 blogs are publishing posts about the environment. I have always thought of Apple having an eye towards the environment, but perhaps I think this is because I remember Apple eschewing extra paper on their boxes way back in the early d...

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