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Tag: greenpeace

Apple number 65 on Newsweek's list of green companies

Newsweek has published their list of the most environmentally-friendly companies, and Apple is ranked number 65 out of 500. While it didn't make the top 10 (Dell is number one), Apple improved significantly from last year when it placed 133rd. The rankings considered a number of scores, including gr...

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Greenpeace 'unappy' with iPad cloud

Oh, Greenpeace. We thought you and Apple were buddies again. How fragile friendship can be. The iPad's tenuous association with cloud computing has prompted the environmental group to criticize Apple for a carbon footprint that's "...much larger than previously estimated." The concern is that the...

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Greenpeace and Apple: Can you feel the love tonight?

Environmental activist group Greenpeace and Apple haven't exactly been good buddies in the past. For example, in the past Greenpeace slammed Apple with a mock Apple website, had fig-leaf clad representatives visit the first Apple Store in continental Europe, and "greened" the flagship Apple Store in...

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Greenpeace praises Apple's US Chamber of Commerce exit

Greenpeace has decided they'll get more attention from praising Apple than by trying to bury it. The environmental organization is singing hosannas and heysannas to the Cupertino-company for taking a green stand and resigning from the US Chamber of Commerce. Apple walked away from the organizatio...

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Apple's new "green" notebook ad

Apple aired a new television ad here in the US earlier tonight. It touts the MacBook's low power consumption, recyclable enclosure and lack of some of the toxins present in other computers. Activist group Greenpeace has been pressuring Apple to adopt more environmentally-friendly production methods ...

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Greenpeace responds to 'Greener Apple' update

Greenpeace is reacting favorably to Apple's new, environmentally friendlier product line, but chides the company for not reducing the amount of some toxic chemicals more quickly. According to a blog post on Greenpeace's website, Apple's new MacBooks are not entirely free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)...

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MacBook Air: greenest Apple yet

Apple has received a lot of flack, especially from Greenpeace, for their supposedly less-than-stellar commitment to "green" design and manufacturing processes. However, the MacBook Air might be a sign of changes to come, as it is officially the most environmentally-friendly Apple product on the she...

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Greenpeace at Apple Store Roma Est

Continental Europe's first Apple Store - Italy's Roma Est - received a huge number of visitors this past weekend, including Greenpeace. One representative, dressed as "Eva," offered a fig leaf-wearing "Ecco Steve Jobs" a green, eco-friendly Apple. The couple also brought two large, "green" iPod cuto...

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Apple to address environmental policies?

The Greenpeace activists behind claim that Apple may begin taking steps to address several of the company's environmental issues, despite their denial of said concerns because of a disagreement with Greenpeace's ratings and criteria. In particular, Greenpeace is concerned with Apple...

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How Apple helps the environment

Are you paying attention, Greenpeace? Blogger Chiggs at Torents examines the iTunes Store's impact on the environment, and it's a favorable one. The production of a single CD results in aluminum, nickel, dyes, polycarbonates and more. At this month's Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs announced that the iTun...

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Greenpeace Greens Apple Store San Francisco

Greenpeace today, as part of its initiative, "greened" Apple's flagship San Francisco retail store to raise awareness of toxic substances present in electronics manufactured and sold by the Cupertino, CA company. Greenpeace members handed our flyers while a large-scale projector wa...

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Apple versus Greenpeace

Is Apple environmentally friendly? They certainly seem to think so. Their Apple and the Environment webpage says that Apple recognizes "its responsibility as a global citizen and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we create." They've set u...

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The real reason Greenpeace was ejected from MacExpo

A few days ago we mentioned that Greenpeace had gotten kicked out of MacExpo in London and I hinted that it was the Apple Goon Squad that was responsible for their eviction. I was being cheeky, of course, as I am wont to do - but it turns out that Apple wasn't the sole complainant. In fact, it was G...

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Greenpeace creates mock Apple homepage

Apple is not Greenpeace's favorite computer company, as we all know (though I'm not sure what company Greenpeace actually likes, but that is a subject for a different blog). Continuing their 'Why must Apple sell poison' campaign Greenpeace has launched a site that parodies While this is ...

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Apple not big on trees? Greenpeace releases "green electronics" report

Over at Download Squad today, we're talking about the report on "green electronics" and "e-waste" that Greenpeace released this morning. It's no secret that environmentalists have been unhappy with Apple--despite their claims to be an eco-friendly company--for a long time. This is the first time, t...

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