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Griffin previews the Amplifi

Now that you can get 256kbps, DRM-free music from iTunes (well, in May, anyway) you're going to want to hear what that extra $0.30US buys you. You could pick up an iPod HiFi for $350US, or wait a bit for the Amplifi by Griffin Technology. The Amplifi is a 2.1 sound system for all iPod models (it ac...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Griffin Technology

We continue to relive the wonder and joy that was Macworld Expo 2007 with yet another showfloor interview. I got a chance to speak with Jackie from Griffin Technology about the Evolve and the Amplifi. Both iPod speaker systems sound impressive, though the Evolve is a little more exciting. Check the...

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Griffin releases Proxi 1.0

Back in April we wrote about the public beta of Proxi, which is the easy-to-use scripting software from Griffin Technology. Proxi lets you automate complicated routines, much like Automator or QuicKeys. Earlier this week, Griffin released version 1.0 of Proxi. Changes to version 1.0 include support...

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Redesigned PowerJolt iPod car charger with free iFill LE

Griffin Technology makes a whole slew of useful iPod accessories. The company's latest offering is a redesigned iPod PowerJolt auto charger and power adapter. The device plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and charges your iPod while you're listening to music or while the iPod is on standby. Gri...

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Report: iPods stealing radio listeners

When I read this article at Podcasting News, I immediately saw myself. The very first iPod accessory I really fell in love with was my original iTrip FM transmitter, which I bought a couple of years ago. I have since replaced it with a RoadTrip, but one thing remains the same: It comes with me each ...

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iLounge gets details on the iTalkPro

It's is the one accessory I've been waiting for: A voice recorder for the fifth generation iPod. iLounge was lucky enough to get some exclusive details and photos of the iTalkPro, the upcoming iPod audio recorder from Griffin Technology. It sounds terrific. According to iLounge, the iTalkPro can man...

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Griffin's iTrip comes to Switzerland

Griffin Technology's iTrip FM transmitter for the iPod is now available in Switzerland. According to Griffin, "Recent changes in Swiss law have opened the door to broadcast in Switzerland over the FM radio spectrum (87.9 - 107.9)." Until recently, Swiss law has strictly regulated devices t...

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Griffin TuneCenter: Now THAT'S a docking station

Shortly after I bought my 5G iPod, I got a Universal Dock and remote. The dock is...ok. It lets me play my videos, music and photos on a TV, all the while charging my iPod (as long as I spend yet another $20US for a cable, and a wall charger, bringing things to a grand total of $116US). Yet, it seem...

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Griffin announces TuneFlex auto charger

Do the developers at Griffin ever sleep? Today, they've announced the TuneFlex auto charger for the iPod nano. With one end plugged into your car's 12 Volt accessory outlet, your nano sits at the end of a flexible arm that allows you to position it just so in your car. There's a line out for connect...

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Griffin ships iTrip for iPod nano

Griffin Technology announced the new iTrip for the iPod nano a couple of months ago. The good news is that it's now shipping. This baby is billed as the most advanced iTrip ever. The new design is sled-like to avoid bulking up the profile of your iPod nano. You just slide your iPod nano into the iT...

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