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Griffin StompBox brings guitar effects app to your feet, lets your hands play

With the arrival of virtual guitar effects on portable devices like the iPhone and iPad, many guitarists are re-thinking the way they set up and play their electric guitars. For the average player, an almost endless array of varied tones and effects are now available in high-quality virtual form at...

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Crayola and Griffin unite for ColorStudio HD on iPad, custom iMarker stylus

Guess what just popped up to the top of our "must-see at CES" list? Chances are, if you're an iPad owner with small kids, you too will be enthralled by the promise and the premise of Crayola's collaboration with peripheral maker Griffin Technologies: ColorStudio HD for iPad, including the Crayola iM...

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Griffin announces iPod nano Slap wristband

Sure, you want people to notice your cool new iPod nano, especially when you wear it as a watch. But what if you also want them to think you're a time traveler from 1988? According to Cult of Mac, Griffin Technology has brought back the famed "slap bracelet" in blindingly bright colors for your Qua...

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Griffin's Woogie turns iPhone into a plush

When I was a kid, we just played with regular stuffed animals, and then Teddy Ruxpin came along and blew us all away. But kids these days, they get all kinds of cool stuff. Like look at this thing: they can stick an iPod touch in a "huggable plush accessory" called the Woogie, and run around with...

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Review: Griffin Loop for the iPad

Griffin Technology is known for making handy accessories for the Mac and iPod/iPhones. The MacBook Pro that I am using to write this article is currently supported by the Griffin iCurve (which was later replaced with the Elevator), which I've been using for about 6 years now. When I saw the Loop...

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Griffin confirms PartyDock iPad/iPhone peripheral is on the way

If you're familiar with the Scene It? franchise for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, you've probably never thought of having a similar model work on an iPhone or an iPad. If you're like me, you may have an "of course" moment when you first see the Griffin PartyDock. Thanks to the FCC posting the PartyD...

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CES Watch: Apple accessories from the show floor

CES 2010 is in full swing in Las Vegas, and while we aren't there, we have been able to scour the webs and bring you the latest, the greatest, and the weirdest new Apple-related peripherals and accessories from the show floor. Griffin has announced a few new devices, including a Display Converte...

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More than one way to stream Bluetooth

Want an easy way to use the Bluetooth in your iPhone/iPod touch to stream music to your traditional stereo? The new Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, announced this week, should do the job nicely. It's a little dongle that connects to your stereo either through a 3.5mm headphone jack or, using RCA...

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TUAW gift guide: Griffin eXport In-Flight Video Cable

You've loaded a movie and a few episodes of "The Office" on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep you company as you fly this holiday. The only problem is that, while quite lovely, the iPhone's screen is not meant for watching The Bourne Identity in earnest. If only you could connect it to the monitor o...

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5 gifts for the iPhone owner

The iPhone owner on your list loves her iPhone. Really loves it. Become an enabler and give her the gifts she really wants. Here are five great gifts for the iPhone owner. WallDock - $25 iPhones need frequent charging and it isn't always convenient to connect them to your Mac. If Apple's own w...

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TUAW Macworld Video: Griffin Technology

Although I'm the veteran of about a dozen Macworld Expos, this is the first time I've attended as a member of the media instead of as "just" a showgoer. Let's face it; the level of attention that you get from companies is a lot greater when you're writing or shooting video about a company's products...

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No iPhone 3G for school? Win a bag of goodies instead

So textbooks and gas shot your budget for a shiny-new iPhone 3G? We feel for ya, with your old-and-busted first-gen iPhone, nano, Airport Extreme and shiny new MacBook. What, you don't have all that either? Pity. Tell you what, we'll give you a bunch of accessories for those items instead, OK? Cou...

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Griffin PowerDock: quadruple your charging pleasure

Perennial iPod peripheral maker Griffin announced that their new PowerDock multiple-iPod / iPhone charging station would be available in June, and now it's apparently almost here. Available in two- or four-dock models, the charging station is designed for nerdy families like mine with multiple iP...

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Griffin releases the AirDock

While Griffin's new $70 AirDock might sound like it's a contender to the wirelessly syncing WiDock's throne, don't let its name fool you. It doesn't sport 802.11x for syncing with a Mac or PC, but it does include an RF remote for controlling the AirDock, even through walls (Infrared, like in the App...

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Flickr Find: Griffin Elevator

The Griffin Elevator, which replaces and updates Griffin's iCurve, is now shipping. It's a desktop stand for laptop computers. Retailing at $40, it's just now hitting the shelves. TUAW reader Ray sends along this link to his Flickr collection of unpacking pictures. I'm surprised by how well the fina...

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