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TUAW's Daily Mac App: UnPlugged

The Magsafe is a fantastic innovation, but it has made it slightly easier to disconnect your Mac from the AC outlet by accident without realising it. UnPlugged is a little free utility that notifies you via Growl when the power cord is disconnected. Now it's true that if you're running a portab...

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iPhone receives push notifications from real-world mailbox

Sure, push notification is nothing new for iPhone users. But when was the last time that you received notification that real-live mail -- the kind made of atoms, not bits -- has shown up in your mailbox? One of the new evil geniuses at Make Magazine online, Matt Richardson, decided he'd like to get...

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Two Growl styles worth a serious look

Designer/Developer Christopher Lobay has been hard at work making some excellent Styles for the system notification app, Growl. Growl displays temporary, floating notification windows above your desktop to let you know about things like new messages, completed downloads, changes in Skype availabilit...

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Giving or getting a Mac for the holidays? 10 apps every new Mac user needs

All new Macs come with great bundled software. Between the iLife suite, Safari, iTunes, and TextEdit, plus the ability to access and use cloud applications for free, almost all of the most basic modern computing needs get met for most users. That said, having used four different Macs over the pas...

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Growl at 1.2, with 64-bit support

Ever since upgrading to Snow Leopard, the one remaining 32-bit niggle I have has been with Growl's preference pane. Today, however,* Growl has released v1.2 of its famous application notification system with, among other things, 64-bit support. While most of the updates in 1.2 are "behind the sce...

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Notify keeps an eye on your Gmail inbox

I, like many people, am constantly checking my email. No matter where I am, I'm either getting messages pushed to my iPhone or Mail is checking for new ones every minute. A new app is promising to make using Gmail and checking for messages much, much easier. Notify, a new free application by V...

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Concentrate promises to help you get work done

It's crunch time and that big project has to get done. Next thing you know, you're on your favorite website, tinkering with Garageband or tweeting up a storm. We've all been there, but Roobasoft's Concentrate for the Mac is here to help! Concentrate is designed to help you "work and study more pr...

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Push Growl notifications to iPhone with Prowl

If you've seen a string of notifications pop up on your screen and then gracefully fade away, you've probably seen Growl; it's the open source & popular system-wide framework that allows applications to let you know when something happens. For instance, a Growl notification might appear to info...

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Growl updated to 1.1.4, fixes "Install Failed" message in Leopard

It was only a couple weeks ago that Growl version 1.1.3 was released, but as some commenters noted on the 1.1.3 post, there was a bug that caused some the inability to install Growl under Leopard. Well, the Growl team has heard your cries and issued an update to Growl that hopes to solve the problem...

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Adium releases new beta version, now even more psychic

Adium has a sweet new beta version available this morning. If you don't automatically see 1.3b2 when you check for updates, then make sure you've enabled "Update to beta versions when available" under the General tab in the Preference pane. Several new features have been added, including: Enhanc...

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Growl hits 1.1.3

The best-in-class notification framework for Mac OS X, Growl, just got updated to version 1.1.3. One of the most missed features of Growl was GrowlMail, which allows Growl to issue incoming notifications from -- Apple disabled this feature in the Mac OS X 10.5.2 release. However, the Growl ...

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Blogo 1.1 emerges from Brainjuice

Attention all bloggers! The nerd bunnies at Brainjuice have just released Blogo 1.1, the latest take on their Mac OS X blogging tool. Blogo 1.1 now includes support for Drupal and Twitter in addition to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, typo, and MovableType. The new Twitter support allows users to post ...

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GrowlCode brings Growl to Xcode

Do you like Growl? Do you use Xcode? Then chances are you'll like GrowlCode. GrowlCode is a plugin to integrate Growl's on-screen alerts into the Mac OS X developer app, Xcode. GrowlCode integrates the following actions: Build Succeeded, Preprocessing Complete, Compilation Succeeded, Clean Complete,...

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Growl website gets redesign

If you know TUAW, then you know that there's one thing we cannot live without ... it's Growl. Growl is a great way to view important messages from multiple Mac apps as little pop-ups in the corner of your screen. This weekend, Growl's website received a very nice redesign. It's never been this easy...

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iPhonesque makes Growl look like the iPhone

Can't say I ever really vibed with any of the default Growl styles (Music Video is cool for showing off your Mac, but a little too distracting for common use), and I've pretty much just stuck with Smoke, because it's simple and cool looking. But iPhonesque is nice enough to make me switch without a ...

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