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iDevices making up more and more of Apple's revenue

Apple held their latest earnings call this past week, which means we're right in the middle of a flood of analysts' charts and graphs about how well they're doing. This one's extra interesting, though -- we've talked before on this site about Apple's interesting position between its past of PCs and...

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Analysts: iMac to take over 25% of PC sales, Mac to see 31% growth

We're only days away from the release of the iPad, and that means analysts are doing crazy business -- they're laying out as many predictions as they can before theory becomes actual numbers. Our friend Gene Munster is first -- he says that despite the introduction of a brand new category, Mac sales...

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Mac shipments lowest they've been in 1.5 years

Apple reported amazing earnings in its conference call last week, but SwitchtoaMac.com says not so fast -- while it's true that there was a lot of sun shining in Apple's report, there is one small shadow that they obviously didn't mention: their shipments of new Macs have started to drop off for the...

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We're number three!

According to a survey from the Gartner group, Apple is again the third largest PC vendor in the United States. The company nosed out Acer for the second-quarter bronze. (Dell is number one, followed by HP in second place.) Apple shipped 1.4 million units last quarter, 38 percent more than the prior ...

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Apple taking it easy on flash memory order this year

CNET is reporting that iSuppli announced Apple is "cutting" their flash memory order this year, and in this case "cutting" doesn't mean "cutting" the way you or I would use it (as in, "The doctor said I had to cut my sugar intake, so I'll only have one doughnut instead of six."). No, it means "cutti...

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Mac shipments in US up 30% from last year

There's a movement afoot, and it arrives in nice white boxes. Gartner Research is reporting that preliminary data on Apple's 2007 first quarter shows a 30% year-over-year increase in computer shipments. Interestingly, the last quarter of 2006 showed the same increase. With the most recent data, Appl...

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