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Tag: gruber

Gruber begins dissection of Google Desktop

In our sneak peak at the new Google Desktop for Mac, Scott wondered at Google's use of a proprietary installer. Like many Mac users, I get annoyed at installers, though I understand that sometimes they are necessary. Similarly concerned, John Gruber at Daring Fireball performed a test install and th...

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Last post EVER about creating new files from Finder

OK, OK! We clearly have a wide range of opinions on this whole "How can I get my Mac to right-click-create new files, like Windows does?" thing. Some folks like the QuickSilver approach, some think QuickSilver is an anti-Mac-way abomination. Some like NuFile, and some like FinderPop (Update: and som...

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ThisService 1.0

John Gruber wanted an app that would allow one to turn any command line script that accepts input into a service (you remember services, don't you? They live in the Apple menu and don't really do to much). ThisService was born to fill this need. What the heck would you do with this free app (though ...

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C4 Tip: Drag-and-drop text in Cocoa apps

During The Grube's UI presentation at C4, he pointed to one particular example of "functional inconsistency" in Apple's software: the discrepancy in results when you drag-and-drop text in Carbon apps (TextWrangler, AppleWorks, etc.) vs. Cocoa apps (TextEdit, Safari, etc.). When you select text in Ca...

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C4 commenceth (Day One) [Updated]

"Gee," said the man across the table, clearly pushing for my attention. "You haven't posted anything yet!" I looked up from my complimentary breakfast muffin, confused. "You're supposed to be blogging this!" Oh, right. Good idea. I'm here in Chicago, Illinois, after traveling a great distance (3 mil...

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Daring Fireball on why Apple won't open source apps

Thank God Gruber quit his day job to write Daring Fireball. Even when I disagree with him (which I admit is almost never), I always enjoy and respect what he has to say, and today is no different: In response to an article by Tim Bray questioning why Apple won't open-source its most popular apps (Ma...

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Gruber GUI Interview

John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame was interviewed over at GUIdebook and it's an interesting read that you should take a look at if you ever find yourself thinking about the way Apple's GUI (graphical user interface) looks and functions. In the interview, there is much discussion about what ...

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John Gruber Obsessed with Weather Widget

It's official. John Gruber, of Daring Fireball fame, is completely and utterly obsessed with Dashboard's Weather Widget. Not that long ago, he was posting lengthy discussions of how to hack the weather widget, so that you could force it to refresh and eradicate all doubt that you may possibly be loo...

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