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Verizon data limitations not unique to iPhone

There's a video up at 9to5 Mac that demonstrates how iPhones on Verizon and AT&T handle conference calling differently. Specifically, the CDMA-based Verizon phone is unable to jump between calls like the AT&T iPhone can. The user began by placing a call on both phones. Once connected, ...

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iFixit: Verizon iPhone using dual-mode chip

A lot of the anticipation and/or naysaying about the Verizon iPhone has focused on CDMA, the somewhat less travel-friendly and slower network standard that Verizon uses. GSM covers a lot more countries, including all of Europe, and in the US the AT&T data speeds are testing noticeably faster --...

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Simultaneous voice and data: there was an ad for that

Who remembers the great carrier wars of 2009? Yes, back before Apple and Verizon became best buddies who worked together for years to create the ideal iPhone experience for VZW customers, Verizon was aiming for the jugular with the "There's a Map For That" and "Misfit Toys" ads poo-poohing AT&T'...

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Verizon iPhone: Hardware is still the iPhone 4

Sure, it would have been more exciting if Verizon launched its version of the iPhone with an incremented version number and splashy new hardware capabilites -- LTE! Super-Retina display! Downward-facing camera! -- but as expected, the new beastie is essentially the same as the existing iPhone 4 mode...

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Analyst says Apple is working on thinner CDMA-GSM iPad

With speculation about suppliers for the 2nd generation iPad already flying about, we're also hearing that Apple is working on creating a "World iPad" that would contain both GSM and CDMA capabilities making it compatible with phone carriers around the world. According to All Things Digital, analyst...

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Rumor: Apple field testing revised iPhone 4

With all of the hoopla about the alleged Verizon iPhone now being stirred up by such illustrious sources as the Wall Street Journal, it's surprising that we haven't seen much physical proof of the device turning up. Usually there are a few good leaked photos, devices are left in bars, and excited en...

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Rumor: Verizon iPhone to debut early next year

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will start manufacturing a Verizon-ready iPhone by the end of this year, with sales to start early 2011. Based on the iPhone 4, the new phone would leverage CDMA technology instead of the GSM 3G mobile technology used by AT&T. Wireless telecommunication...

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Nokia brings more legal complaints against Apple

Well, you can't say the company isn't persistent. Nokia has already sued Apple over GSM patents, and last week Nokia filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, which asked the commission to ban the import of Apple mobile products including the MacBook, iPhone and iPods. Now, our s...

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Going to Vermont for a White Christmas? Relax - you'll have 3G service

So, you and your song-and-dance partner have decided that you're going to follow a few classy dames that you met at a nightclub in Florida up to Pine Tree, Vermont, where they're going to be spending the Christmas holidays performing their sister act at a lodge. The only problem is, you have AT&...

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Rumor: Smaller iPhone on tap for Verizon in Q3 2010?

If you're tired of dropped calls and dead zones, and pondering the merits of turning in your iPhone for a DROID... hold on there, champ. AppleInsider says it's received a copy of a report by OTR Global, claiming that Apple has signed contracts to produce a UMTS / CDMA hybrid iPhone to be released ...

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AT&T wants the iPhone until 2011

Why wouldn't they? I know about a dozen people who have switched to AT&T precisely because they are the only US iPhone game in town (mostly). The exclusivity ends 2010, but SAI asks, will Apple renew its contract with AT&T? The biggest problem plaguing iPhones appears to be the network -- AT...

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Use a Red Bull can as a radio interference shield

I love the iPhone, save for one thing. It sits on my desk every night, right near my computer, and the speakers I've got hooked up to it. And every 15 minutes, when the iPhone checks email for me, I get that buzzing -- the sound of radio interference flying across my speaker wires. And almost ever...

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Canada's only GSM carrier shakey on iPhone

Hang on, Canada, it looks like Rogers Wireless is in a snit. The iPhone is a GSM phone, and all Canadian providers - except one - use the CDMA standard. The lone GSM provider is Rogers Wireless, which makes them the only Canadian company that can possibly support the iPhone. This past Tuesday, Roger...

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