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The Hit List 0.9.3 introduces repeating tasks

Potion Factory's The Hit List introduces repeating tasks to the GTD-style client, but in a pretty neat way. Instead of the traditional method of indicating how often a task should repeat, users can type directly into the "repeating" field, using natural language to describe when and how many times i...

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Win a copy of Things for Mac and iPhone

We've covered Things for Mac and the iPhone version before. Things is a slick task management tool with a ton of features, clean layout and powerful organization capabilities. Adding the iPhone version (works on the touch, of course) means you can take your tasks with you -- and sync wirelessly wh...

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Macworld Expo: Big things for Things

It was a heck of a coming-out party for Cultured Code's Things, the task organizer and GTD platform for Mac and iPhone. With a passel of awards for the product (including a Macworld Best in Show) and a shipping 1.0 version of the desktop app, the CC gang had plenty to celebrate. I stopped by the Cul...

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Things 1.0rc now available

Cultured Code has issued the 1.0 release candidate for Things, its popular GTD application, a little more than a week ahead of its official launch on January 6. Things 1.0rc has a huge list of changes including new icons, the ability to reorder to-dos in the Today list across project and area bounda...

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Things (finally) adds global search

Things, one of the top contenders in the Mac GTD application lineup, has updated to 0.9.6 on their way to a planned 1.0 release at the Macworld Expo. The update includes some interface polish, but the biggest news is the addition of global search. It's been one of the most requested features, and I'...

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ActionGear, simple yet powerful task management

ActionGear has been out for a while, but I think it deserves a mention as a potentially great task-management app, falling somewhere between iCal or a bare bones outliner such as TaskPaper, and the robust end of the scale where Things and OmniFocus are duking it out. Within ActionGear's simple inte...

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GTD: Real-life experience with Things

I'll admit it -- I'm a notorious procrastinator. Give me something to do and no deadline, and I'll put it off until everyone forgets about it. Give me a deadline and I'll wait until the deadline is looming before I'll get things going. This not only happens in my professional life, but my personal l...

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Dejumble 1.1.1 provides another way to get things done

Yeah, it seems like YAGTDA (Yet Another Getting Things Done App), but Dejumble actually caught my attention. Thinking Code recently created this Leopard-only application as an unobtrusive way to keep track of your to-do list, and the latest released version does the job very well. Dejumble lives in ...

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In search of a GTD solution

An application called Today was released recently by the developers of PocketTweets. It's a $15 application that integrates with iCal to display tasks and events, offering a complete interface for entering new tasks and events without opening iCal. It came at a time when I was furiously trying to ma...

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Nozbe: GTD for web, iPhone and Dashboard

If you're in the market for a web-based GTD solution, Nozbe is one worth checking out. It provides a solid project management solution with contexts, projects, tasks, optional due dates and next actions, and it does it without a cluttered interface. So why am I blogging about a GTD website on TUAW? ...

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Things gets recurring tasks

The GTD app scene has been pretty quiet for a while now. Only OmniFocus seems to be regularly showing signs of development at a pace that offers some real hope for the new generation of task managers. But Things has updated to version 0.9, and offers a couple of new features that fill some major hol...

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GTD with the Mac and a cool custom setup

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits has posted a nice overview of Getting Things Done on the Mac, including many of the applications you'd expect, like iGTD Kinkless GTD OmniFocus Things Midnight Inbox We've written about all of these applications before. What's interesting is the custom solution...

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iGTD2 showing promise

You may recall iGTD, which we covered last year. Up until some Leopard difficulties forced me to start flailing between not-quite-ready GTD applications, I was a loyal user. And yes, those Leopard difficulties could have been solved, but the author had his hands full with reincarnating iGTD -- as iG...

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OmniFocus goes 1.0

OmniFocus 1.0 represents a long-awaited addition to the GTD offerings on the Mac. It's a GTD-compatible task manager that has been in beta (or vaportrail, as they call it) for a while now and has gained an active community of users. Today's release puts Omni ahead of several other developers, which ...

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3 ways to get things done with your iPhone

Getting Things Done is David Allen's system of personal productivity; a deceptively simple process of collecting information, deciding what it is, identifying what needs to be done and then doing it (we've written about GTD quite a bit). Geeks like me love it because the hardware and/or software use...

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