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Make Ubuntu look like OS X

Ubuntu is a Linux distro (that's distribution to you, n00b) that is almost easy enough for none techs to run on their desktops, but it isn't quite there yet. That's not enough to stop plenty of people from downloading and installing this most excellent OS on their machines (and I count myself amongs...

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Microsoft to Apple: Happy Birthday!

What a grand gesture. Five more years of Office wasn't enough, so Microsoft went the extra mile and released a fully-functional, virtualization app called VirtualPC XP for Intel Macs... Nah! I'm just kidding. They popped a JPEG up on their site saying how happy they have been to ride on the coattail...

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Gruber GUI Interview

John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame was interviewed over at GUIdebook and it's an interesting read that you should take a look at if you ever find yourself thinking about the way Apple's GUI (graphical user interface) looks and functions. In the interview, there is much discussion about what ...

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