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Aurora Feint II: The Arena adds asynchronous multiplayer, in-game messaging

Our good friends at Massively got an opportunity that turned us green with envy -- they got to sit down with the devs of Aurora Feint, one of our favorite iPhone games, and see how its fulfilling the "MMO" promise they've been offering up since it first debuted on the App Store. The new game is ca...

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Gifts for the beginning developer

Whether you've just started writing your first lines of code or you've just moved over to the Mac/iPhone platform as a developer, this guide is sure to please. Books Cocoa Programming in Mac OS X ($31.49 on Amazon) There are really two excellent books that should be on every Mac developer's bookshel...

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iPhone 101: A user guide to take with you

If you're going to be a new iPhone 3G owner this week, you might want to make a note of this site to help you get acquainted with your new mobile device. Apple has a guide to the iPhone available at http://help.apple.com/iphone/guide that you can view directly in MobileSafari, so you'll always have ...

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iTrain, an NYC Subway guide on the iPhone

Reader Roger Kenny tipped us off to his cool site for iPhone-using New York Subway travelers. We've seen iPhone subway maps for New York before, and of course Google Maps is always available on the iPhone, but Roger's site goes even further. Not only can you see maps of the lines (via links to the M...

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Mac Mini in a Corvette

After our little scare with the Mac Mini last week, the little boxen that could is quickly becoming my favorite computer (still can't wait to get one with Leopard on it). So seeing cool applications of it like this one thrills me to no end: Andrew sent us his writeup of putting a Mac Mini into a Cor...

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Turn your Apple IIe into a Linux terminal

As he even points out, this isn't the first time this has been done, but Quag7 has written up a very detailed, simple, and often hilarious (I feel the same way about Michael Bay!) guide for converting that old Apple ][e you've got sitting around into a Linux serial terminal. In this case, he runs a ...

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Mogopop iPod content publishing community releases Macworld 07 guide

Mogopop is a content publishing community that publishes everything in an iPod-friendly format. From their own explanation: "Mogopop rolls your video, audio, pictures and text into a single piece of iPod content that anyone can download." Anyone can sign up to publish content, and while most items...

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"My Mac Won't Start!" pocket guide

For their 100th QuickTips email newsletter, Seattle area mac support agency CreativeTechs has published a handy little  troubleshooting guide that fits neatly in your shirt pocket. The "My Mac Won't Start!" pocketmod tiny guide is available as a free PDF download, and covers basic troubleshooti...

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MacBook Pro Complete Disassembly guide

Have you received your MacBook Pro? Are you saddened by OWC's lack of instructions on how to rip apart said new machine? Don't be sad, rejoice, for iFixit (the site formerly known as PBFixit) has released a screw-by-screw guide to Performing Complete Disassembly of a MacBook Pro. Each page of this ...

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