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Image Gallery: YouTube on Apple TV

Now that YouTube has arrived on the Apple TV, an image gallery of all the new features seems only fitting. Apple has done quite a nice job with the debut of this custom YouTube UI, and it is surprisingly feature-packed. In terms of video quality, I can comfortably say that most videos that starte...

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YouTube on Apple TV to use H.264

I thought it was a little odd that the Apple press release concerning the YouTube addition to Apple TV stated that it would take weeks for all YouTube content to be made available on the Apple TV. iLounge got to the bottom of this slightly odd situation (or so it seemed without explanation). They sp...

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Capture audio and anything on screen as a movie with iShowU

iShowU is a versatile utility from shinywhitebox for recording video captures of your display (including any audio). Users have quite a bit of control over what exactly is recorded and how, including specifying a capture size and format, as well as 'mouse capture' and 'follow mouse' modes of record...

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Easy iPod/PSP movies with Instant Handbrake

When it comes to turning a DVD into a movie file, Handbrake's name is hailed far and wide for its ease of use, speed and overall quality. Recently, Handbrake's developer took these praised aspects and raised the bar by releasing Instant Handbrake (beta), a one-stop, brain-dead-easy app for convertin...

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iSquint 1.4.1 with 'MPEG-in-.mov' goodness

iSquint, the fantastic little iPod video converter that we've mentioned before, has been updated to version 1.4.1 with a big new feature: handling QuickTime files that contain MPEG video that most other players/encoders will balk at. Various other code tweaks have brought some big speed improvements...

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