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PayPal app has huge security flaw, update rushed to Apple

You'd think by now we'd all be wary of open WiFi networks, and luckily that's the only way this could affect you, but if you use the PayPal app on an open network the Wall Street Journal is reporting a hacker could potentially nab your user account. According to the story, the app doesn't verify you...

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Hacker group responds to AT&T, leader held by FBI

You'll remember that the not-at-all-ridiculously-named Goatse Security (GS) announced its discovery of an exploit on AT&T's website last week. They used it to get a list of email addresses belonging to iPad 3G customers. One hundred and fourteen thousand of them, in fact. AT&T representat...

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Apple sends takedown notice to iPod hacker's ISP

Yesterday, Erica posted in her state of the iPod touch jailbreak that a hacker named "Martyn" had obtained a broken iPod touch, and was planning to dive in and download every bit of code on it in the increasingly complicated effort to put 3rd party applications on the iPod touch. He didn't plan to r...

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Korean Apple online store defaced

Last Thursday Silicon.com found out that Apple's Korean online store was hacked. The hacking was done by a dude going by the name 'Dinam.' He claims to be Turkish, but there is no way to confirm that. It seems he gained administrative control over the webserver (which was running Apache) that serves...

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Security flaw found in iTunes and QuickTime

Apple has announced a security flaw has been found in the latest version of iTunes 6.0.1 and 6.0.2, as well as QuickTime 7.0.3 and 7.0.4 that affects both Mac OS X and Windows. The flaw could allow an attacker to run code as the currently logged in user, which is typically worse news for Windows use...

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