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Tag: hackintosh

Psystar's Mac clones all sold out

It didn't take long, but it seems that sometime in the night, following their agreement with Apple, Psystar has mysteriously run out of stock on all of their Mac clones. Apparently their settlement with Apple on the order of $2,000,000USD has caused them to accept defeat. Given that they only sold 7...

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OS Xbox Pro is the hottest hackintosh ever

Warning: some NSFW lyrics on the music in the video above. What do you get when you combine an old Xbox with OS X and some Mac Pro level hardware? This monstrosity. Built by Will Urbina, the OS Xbox Pro is a hackintosh casemodded into an original Xbox dev kit, with some crazy hardware under the...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Hackintoshable Dell Mini 10v

Update: This deal seems to be dead for now, possibly until Friday. (Apparently the TUAWlanche we set off hit the "LIMITED QUANTITIES AT THIS PRICE" limit.) We will update the post when and if it goes live again. Later Update: It's baaaaaaaaaack. Link & code seem to be working again. Guess we ...

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It's alive: Intel Atom support returns to 10.6.2

The day that Apple killed Atom support with the release of 10.6.2 was a sad one for many in the hackintosh community. Just as many expected, however, Atom support has returned; and no, Apple had nothing to do with it. InsanelyMac forum member teateam has developed a replacement kernel for installat...

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Psystar alienates the Hackintosh community, too

Say what you will about Psystar, the community that continues to sell computers running OS X, despite bankruptcy, constant legal problems with Apple, and a case so slim even their own legal team gave up. Sure, they're out of reason, out of room, and way out of line, but at least they've got plenty o...

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Confirmed: 10.6.2 removes Atom CPU support from Snow Leopard

A report by "stellarola" quoted in OSNews confirms what comments on our 10.6.2 post suggested: 10.6.2 removes support for Atom processors, most frequently found in "netbook" computers. This loss of Atom support was spotted in earlier builds, but nobody knew until now whether it'd be in or out in the...

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Perhaps Apple won't block Atom support after all

There was a report this week that Mac OS X 10.6.2 will block Atom support, leaving Hackintosh owners stuck at 10.6.1. Intel's Atom processors have been used in netbooks by MSI, Dell and ASUS for their low cost and modest energy consumption. Hackintosh owners were disappointed. Shortly after that ...

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Mac OS X 10.6.2 rumored to block Atom support, foil netbook OS X booting

In a move sure to rile up the crowds of people (including our very own Erica Sadun) who have converted cheap Intel Atom-powered netbooks into tiny MacBook-like hackintoshes, several sites are reporting that Apple will kill support for the battery-sipping CPU in the next release of Snow Leopard. F...

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With a rebel Dell, Psystar tries more, more, more

Psystar, that pesky little thorn in Apple's side, has released Rebel EFI. According to Psystar, the app, available for $49.99 through the company's site, "allows for the easy installation of multiple operating systems," including Mac OS X, on a vanilla PC. Besides bypassing EFI requirements, Rebe...

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TwitPic Find: Snow Leopard on a hackint0sh

What's better than pictures of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in the wild? How about a snapshot of Snow Leopard running on a hackint0sh? While this could be a doctored photo, it does show a Eee PC 901 netbook with several windows open on the screen. In the About This Mac window are the magic characters ...

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Road Tested: Why the hackb00k is a fail

A tweet this afternoon pointed me to a post by Dave "MacSparky" Sparks titled The Netbook Experiment, in which he talked about his disappointment with a Dell mini 9 netbook. Since I was about to send out a tweet to the world at large announcing the sale of my Dell mini 9, I found it fascinating that...

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Pictures of OS X 'mod-chip' EFi-X in the wild

In June, Mat wrote about the EFi-X, the internal USB-dongle that claims to allow a user to install OS X from a retail disc onto a non-Apple PC. Essentially the EFi-X is a mod-chip for certain Intel motherboards that will trick the Apple Retail discs into thinking that the hardware is Apple-sanctione...

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EFiX USB dongle for installing OS X on a regular PC

A while back the Mac web was abuzz about Psystar, the first commercially available hackintosh. Now comes EFiX, an USB dongle that will supposedly allow you "to install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD [onto a regular PC] without having to worry about patches, replacing files and anything lik...

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Engadget goes hands-on with a Psystar

Earlier this month, Psystar announced their intention to sell Leopard-ready, Core 2 Duo minitowers for $399US. The announcement drew a lot of attention, including that of Apple Legal. Still, a few machines have arrived in the wild, and yesterday some lucky owner posted a very brief video of his Psys...

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The Frankenmac is alive

Thanks to the seemingly dubious prospect of a Mac OS X-ready PC from Psystar, running Mac OS X on gear not made by Apple has gotten the Macweb all aflutter this week. Rob Griffiths of Macworld and MacOSXHints, not content with Apple's lineup of Macs, or waiting for some random company to make a clon...

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