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Tag: hacksugar

How to inspect iOS's HTTP traffic without spending a dime

image credit: Matrix Rain by docmiller on deviant art, CC BY-SA 3.0 I recently had a problem. I was seeing intermittent issues with an iPhone app, Tapatalk, not working properly with a web forum hosted by a friend of mine. I knew there was a much better chance of getting the bug fixed if I could a)...

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Bruce: Moving Mac computing to Apple TV output

What's Bruce? Aside from being a punchline to a rather silly Monty Python video, it's also an amusing little testbed that I've been putting together to see how far I can push the Apple TV's utility, whether for creating information kiosk installations or bringing rich information out from the office...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Will my jailbroken iPhone back up?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I want to jailbreak my 4th gen iPod touch, but there is something I'm unsure about. If I want to unjailbreak it (because of performance issues, etc.), is there any possible way for me to do that without losing all of my data? I have scoured the internet, and I haven't been abl...

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AirMedia Player for Windows: Stream from iOS to your Windows PC

We've been chronicling the fast evolution of AirPlay media players that allow owners of iOS 4.2 devices to stream media to their Macs and Linux machines. Now, from developer Apostolos Georgiadis comes word of AirMedia Player for Windows. The player requires Windows XP, Vista or 7, the Microsoft .NET...

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Screencast your Mac to Apple TV over AirPlay

That screen you're looking at there? It's not my Mac. It's my Apple TV. TUAW reader James Low wondered if you could stream your OS X screen using the screen:// feature of VLC along the lines of the instructions found on this blog post. I decided to test it out using the same method I described ...

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DVDs are playing back on my Apple TV using AirFlick and AirPlay!

The Unicorn has landed! Rainbows! Starshine! Skittle poo! It's like Christmas! So why this exuberance and excitement? My Apple TV is right now, this very second, even as we speak, playing back a DVD of Finding Nemo. It's seriously awesome. Why watch a DVD on a laptop when you can ...

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Apple TV plays live-converted AVI files using Air Video Server, AirPlayer, and AirFlick

Although I knew that the AirFlick video tool I posted about earlier today could theoretically pass transcoded video streams to Apple TV for playback, my initial attempts with VideoLAN Client transcoding more or less went nowhere. Then, TUAW reader BC reposted a comment earlier this evening that he o...

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AirPlay running on XBMC Linux box

AirPlay. It's not just for Apple products anymore. The video you see on the next page shows an XBMC install on a Ubuntu Linux box running an AirPlay client service. As with the AirPlayer solution I wrote for the Mac, the XBMC application advertises on Bonjour and can be played to directly from the b...

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AirFlick turns Macintosh into an AirPlay data server

If you own a Macintosh and an Apple TV, I have created a new tool that allows you to stream data outside of iTunes. It's called AirFlick, and it's now available in alpha form for download and testing. Last week, I put together a related application called AirPlayer that allows you to stream vide...

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Introducing AirPlayer: Mac-based AirPlay service allows device-to-Mac playback

AirPlay is a very, very cool technology. Unfortunately, if you don't own an Apple TV 2 or other capable receiving device, it's not going to do you much good. (If you have the cash on-hand, for $99, the Apple TV mark 2 is a pretty sweet purchase. Just saying.) So I decided to figure out a way that...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Can I AirPlay to my Mac?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Do you think a Mac will be able to accept an AirPlay feed in the future? Here's why I ask -- I'm considering getting a Mac mini for my home theater. But I realized that a great feature of AppleTV is the AirPlay functionality. It seems strange that the mini (that costs 7x more) la...

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Hacksugar: Twisting your browser

This morning, we posted a simple little trick for slowing down OS X animations by depressing the shift key. In the comments on that post, TUAW reader Rafe H reminded me about this sweet little trick that allows you to retain a warped (but still usable) browser window in your workspace. By slowing...

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Apple TV Hacking: Spelunking into the AirPlay video service

When Apple announced its new iOS 4.2 feature set, Apple TV's AirPlay video service really caught our attention. That's why we were particularly disappointed when 4.2 debuted on Monday -- only Apple's own applications could ship video from iDevices to the 2nd generation Apple TV; third party app...

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Apple TV Hacks: Ports and wikis

The Apple TV jailbreak community remains in a holding pattern. As yet, the greenp0ison and limera1n jailbreak tools do not install command-line/full file access to the box, a precondition for most kinds of application development. That doesn't mean there aren't interesting events going on, however. ...

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Chronic Dev Team releases greenpois0n jailbreak tool

Via Twitter, MuscleNerd announced the release of the Chronic Dev Team's iOS4 jailbreaking tool, greenpois0n. This follows some controversy in the jailbreaking community, after George "geohot" Hotz released his limera1in jailbreak tool one day before greenpois0n was due to be released, using a diffe...

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