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Favorite iPhone apps: Steve's take

Well, Victor took away part of my thunder with his pick of Texas Hold 'Em, but I have three other frequently-used iPhone apps in mind. Twitterrific is my first choice. I love Twitter and formerly used the awe-inspiring Hahlo web app on my iPhone, but there's no native Hahlo app...yet. So for the ti...

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Hahlo 3: now out of beta

We at TUAW HQ definitely have an obsession with Twitter. We use Twitterrific for the Mac, and Hahlo for iPhone. Hahlo provides great features in a beautiful, usable user interface. A couple weeks ago we got a sneak peek at the beta of Hahlo 3 (titled "the Legendary Edition"), but now you can try it ...

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TUAW previews Hahlo 3: the Legendary Edition

John Gruber's (and my) favorite Twitter web app for the iPhone is about to get better -- if you've been on the Hahlo for iPhone homepage lately, you'll have seen that Dean Robinson is working on version 3 of Hahlo (titled, hilariously for us gamers, the Legendary Edition). TUAW got to take a look (a...

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Hahlo updates to version 2

iPhone (although I guess we should really say MobileSafari, since the iPod touch can do it too) Twitter client Hahlo got a nice little update over the weekend. Quite a few things have changed, so I'll just point you to Dean's blog to see all the new features. Basically, as he says, everything that y...

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Give Twitter that "iPhone feel"

If you're a Twitter user (see our posts on Twitter here) with iPhone Fever, check out Hahlo. It's a web-based front end for Twitter that looks a lot like - you guessed it - the iPhone UI. Sign up is simple. If you've got a Twitter account, you're ready to go. Just supply you username and password a...

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