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Scare yourself silly with these horror games discounted for Halloween

It's Halloween here in the United States, which means it time to get dressed up in your best costume and head out for some fright-filled fun. Save some money while you get spooky and scary with these popular horror apps, which have been discounted just in time for the October holiday. In Fear...

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Five apps to up the spookiness as Halloween draws near

Fall is in the air, and the spookiest autumn holiday is right around the corner. To help get you in the mood for trick-or-treating, you should check out these five Halloween-themed apps. A StoryBots Halloween - Starring You as a Ghost, Vampire, Frankenstein, Werewolf & Mummy for Kids, Parents, ...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Scary Halloween Special Edition

Today is the first time that Halloween and TUAW TV Live have synced up, so today's show is going to be ... special. I'm not giving any hints here, but let's just say that it could be more silly than usual. My guest today is that fun-sized blogger/podcaster from Portland, Ore. -- Kelly Guimont. ...

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Five apps that are wicked fun for Halloween

It's Halloween, which means it is time for scary movies, zombie costumes and bags stuffed full of candy from trick-or-treating. Below, you will find five apps that are perfect for this horror-filled holiday. Dead Trigger (iOS Universal, Free) Dead Trigger is a gory arcade shooter that'll have ...

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Five iOS apps to help you say goodbye to summer, hello to fall

For many people here in the US, summer is quickly coming to a close. School is back in session, summer vacations are done and the temperatures are getting a bit cooler. It can be hard to leave behind the fun of summer, so we've put together a list that'll help you say goodbye to the warm, sunny...

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Trick-or-treaters visit the Jobs residence

The San Jose Mercury News has posted a photo gallery of trick or treaters who visited Steve Jobs' Palo Alto home on Halloween, including a very adorable pair of siblings dressed as an iPad and an iPod. The Mercury News said about 50 children and their parents ventured beyond the home's gates ...

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Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET/7pm PT: Pre-Halloween Edition!

It's the night before All Hallows' Eve, and it's time for the creatures of the dark to make their way to their phones, Skypes and VoIP -- yes, indeed, it's Talkcast time! We won't know if you're wearing a costume (well, we will ask you what you're wearing, but we won't ask for proof) but there's s...

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iPad 2 + iPad 2 + fake blood = awesome "hole in torso" costume

We'll have more costumes today and tomorrow, but this one was too good to not share right now. YouTube user onemeeeliondollars has posted video of a costume he apparently made with two iPad 2s that makes it look like you can see clean through his torso. As he says in the video below, you just ...

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Halloween costumes inspired by Apple, influenced by Steve Jobs (Updated with costumes)

Halloween celebrations are underway, and it's time to get those costumes out of the closet. We're hoping that some of you are moving beyond the ghost and the witch of your childhood and looking towards Apple for your inspiration. So if you're dressing up as an iPhone, an iPad or some other Ap...

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Apple-themed pumpkin carving for Halloween

The good folks at MacRumors have done us all a favor and rounded up all of the Apple-themed pumpkins they've seen this year so far. Most of them, like the one carved by Sbrocket seen above, have focused on Steve Jobs in some way, which makes sense given that everyone's still thinking about Stev...

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More Halloween sales on the App Store

A holiday weekend is upon us, and that means there are sales all over the App Store. Both Sega and Gameloft have already offered up some deals, and here are several more for you to check out on your iPhone or iPad. Polarbit's Reckless Getaway is still free (grab it while it lasts) while th...

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Gameloft puts games on sale for Halloween

We've already pointed out Sega's Halloween sales in the App Store and now Gameloft has announced deals of its own: most of its titles are on sale for just 99 cents. Unfortunately the pickings are slim, but a few good titles can be found, including the official Uno app, driving title Asphalt 6, ...

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Sega kicks off the Halloween app sales

We've seen quite a few holidays this year get bookended by app sales, and it appears that Halloween will be no different. Sega has kicked off the spooky season by putting all of its iOS apps on sale, dropping prices down to as low as 99 cents. Apps on sale (starting tomorrow, and going throug...

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Spooky fun: iOS apps for Halloween

I love Halloween. As kids we anticipated the night we'd canvas the neighborhood in plastic costumes, visiting house after house. Especially that one crazy lady who dressed as a witch and tried her best to scare us. We had fun, but we didn't have iPhones. Today a slew of digital treats lurk in...

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More Angry Birds costumes (and a cake)

As requested, TUAW reader Amy sent us pictures of these homemade costumes designed to look like the characters in Angry Birds. You can browse through all of them in the gallery below -- again, I'm partial to the pig, but that bird looks pretty good as well. Reader Sheldon also dressed up as an Angr...

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