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Join us for a spooky TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT

While the little Trick or Treaters are out pounding the streets tonight in search of candy and mischief, we'll be scaring you another way -- with the TUAW Talkcast! Remember that you can also listen to past episodes on Talkshoe or subscribe to the Talkcast podcast in iTunes. Why do I think it will ...

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Halloween apps bring chills and thrills to iPhone and iPad

Happy Halloween! Apple has its own Halloween round-up on the App Store here, and I've been rocking most of the same apps I covered a couple of years ago. We've also got a few apps, costumes and interactive books on our Halloween tag page. A search in iTunes for "Halloween" will yield hundreds of ap...

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Homemade Angry Birds costumes take flight

We've seen Steve Jobs and an iPhone so far, and here come some Angry Birds costumes, from the hit iPhone game. These were all made by crafters (from what looks like fabric, felt, and plastic), and some of them look pretty elaborate. I like the pig costume the best, although dressing yourself in a c...

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iPhone apps on sale for Halloween

Happy Halloween weekend! This is my favorite holiday of the year, not only because it's a fun time for parties during my favorite season, but also because it seems to be an excellent time for developers to put a little something special into their apps -- like put them on sale. There are quite a fe...

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Found Footage: iPhone costume update includes working 40" LCD

In 2007, we saw the first generation iPhone in some comically large costumes (video on the next page). Last year we brought you the footage of Reko and John sporting giant TV screens with jailbroken iPhones powering the costumes. They used "updated" iPhones, but still sported square edges and no ...

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Trick or Treat with TUAW: Thought Out Stabile iPad stand

TUAW is giving away a gaggle of ghoulishly good gadgets over the next few days. Be sure to come back every day between now and October 30th for a chance to win. The good part of the giveaways? You don't need to wear a costume to win 'em. According to the Dictionary app on my Mac, stabile is define...

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Dress like Steve Jobs for Halloween with iWear

The guys at Scoopertino have the exclusive details on Apple's "next big product launch." According to them, "Apple is making a multimillion-dollar bet" that you'll want it, too. Apple is set to release their first ever clothing line, dubbed "iWear," which lets you dress exactly like Steve Jobs. T...

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Trick or Treat with TUAW: iMainGo 2 mobile speakers

TUAW is going to be giving away a gaggle of ghoulishly good gadgets over the next few days. Be sure to come back every day between now and October 30th for a chance to win. The good part of the giveaways? You don't need to wear a costume to win 'em. As part of this week's Trick or Treat with TUAW s...

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TUAW's Daily App: Alice in Wonderland

I played Disney's Alice in Wonderland way back in February of this year, and back then, I wasn't super impressed. It was a little too much before the movie, and for US$4.99, it was a little too common for a platformer. But the app has just gone on sale for Halloween, and for $0.99, it's worth anoth...

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Two new interactive eBooks for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Oceanhouse Media introduces two more of their excellent interactive children's storybooks. Both of them are spooky, but certainly not scary, being targeted to the four year old and up crowd. Both are about acceptance and teach a gentle lesson about not judging a book, ...

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Scare up some fun with Angry Birds Halloween

Just like Doodle Jump, another big-name App Store game is getting in the Halloween spirit. Angry Birds Halloween is now available on the App Store. It's a US$0.99 "special edition" of Angry Birds with 45 Halloween-themed levels, which are complete with "scary" backgrounds and pumpkins for you to sm...

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Doodle Jump updated to Doodlestein Halloween edition

I know I'm extremely late to the game, but I only just downloaded and started playing Doodle Jump two weeks ago. Since then, I've become addicted to it, both on my iPhone and iPad. Doodle Jump has been updated to version 1.24, which introduces a new Halloween theme: Doodlestein! The update includ...

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iPad-equipped Quatto costume for Halloween

OK, this is a little weird, and a little gross, but if you're as big a fan of Total Recall as I am, you'll love it. One of the characters in that movie, named Quatto, actually lives in the stomach of another character, and rather than recreate the creepy effect with puppets or makeup, YouTube user ...

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I went to an Apple Store on Halloween and they gave me... a bookmark

Several TUAW readers have tipped us to the fact that many Apple Stores were in the Halloween spirit last night, handing out treats for ghouls, goblins, and Mac nerds who wandered by. However, it sounds like Apple was playing the anonymous homeowner to Charlie Brown, who always got a rock instead ...

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TUAW's Halloween roundup

A look at Halloween posts gone by... The TUAW Halloween costume gallery We asked to see your Apple-themed Halloween costumes, and you delivered. As Mac fans everywhere head off to Halloween parties, it's clear that TUAW readers have created some great outfits. ...

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