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iPod 10th anniversary: Apple design exhibit at MKG Hamburg

Since we're celebrating a decade of iPod today, it's a perfect time to share our photos from the Stylectrical exhibition at the MK&G museum in Hamburg, Germany. This collection features scores of Apple products (largely from the reign of design chief Jonathan Ive) alongside some of the indu...

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Hamburg, Germany Apple Store to open this weekend

Remember that German Apple Store that was painted with a giant Microsoft logo while it was under construction? Well, it's finally ready to open sans its Microsoft branding. The new Jungfernstieg store in Hamburg, Germany will shed its window coverings later this week and open for business thi...

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Apple Store Hamburg nears opening day

I didn't get a chance to swing by the site of the upcoming Jungfernsteig Apple Store when I was in Hamburg this week, but the guys at case manufacturer Alkr did (no surprise, it's their home town). The store is featuring giant red window panels and is said to be getting close to readiness for i...

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Exhibition of Apple design debuts in German museum

During the Steve Jobs II era at Apple, the company's product priorities focused on ease of use, delighting and surprising the customer, and of course the incredible design aesthetic that we all know and love. That design philosophy has been championed and executed by the industrial design team ...

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Upcoming Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany pranked by Windows fanbois (Updated)

When new Apple Stores are under construction, it's common for the front of the store to be hidden in a large black wooden structure. Yesterday morning, the black box at the new store in Hamburg, Germany was plastered with a nicely painted and quite artistic Windows logo, which was later painted...

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Apple retail news: three new stores opened this weekend

While all of the attention this weekend was around the launch of Snow Leopard, Apple opened up three new retail stores; two new stores in the US and one in Germany. First, the company opened a new store in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday, which is now Apple's second store in Germany, after the store...

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