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Get those DVDs onto your iPhone or Mac

HandBrake is one of those applications that we adore here at TUAW HQ. It makes converting DVDs into a variety of digital files a snap (though only use it with DVDs you own. Don't be pirates, kids). Chris Breen, of Macworld fame (and an amateur astronomer it would seem) shows us how to use HandBrake ...

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HandBrake updated to 0.9.1

It's not often that an application update is announced by the developers with chagrin instead of excitement, but the new 0.9.1 of HandBrake is delivered somewhat sheepishly as it consists mostly of bug fixes. The full list of changes to the DVD-ripping open source tool is below. You can download 0.9...

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Roxio releases Popcorn 3, adds TiVoToGo support

Roxio has released version 3 of their DVD and video conversion utility Popcorn. The biggest new feature is probably the "exclusive TiVoToGo support for the Mac" that lets you burn TiVo recorded shows to disc or convert them for playback on other devices. However, other improvements include the abili...

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Handbrake 0.9 released with speed, quality enhancements and more

Handbrake, the reigning king of effortless DVD conversion software, has received a major update to v0.9.0. New in this version is a "re-envisioned" interface for the Mac OS X version (as well as a completely rebuilt UI for Windows), and picture quality has been improved quite a bit through new effec...

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HandBrake gets some major press

When your open-source project is the focus of a New York Times article, that's a big news day for you (at least it would be if not for those meddling kids in line to buy iPhones). Thursday's NYT article discussing the technical hurdles, legal haziness and other challenges to ripping DVDs for persona...

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Return of the pineapple: HandBrake 0.8.5b1

First there was HandBrake, then MediaFork... and now, well, just don't call it a comeback: HandBrake 0.8.5b1 is out, incorporating all the library updates from the MediaFork build of the free, open source DVD converter/compressor and adding some new goodies: • User presets • AppleTV and PS...

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Care and feeding of open source programmers

[Update: Brian Ganninger of Growl and Adium fame has posted on his strong disagreement with the HandBrake manifesto.] Since HandBrake got back under one open-source roof, the attention to everyone's favorite Mac DVD 'archiving' tool has heated up, and with said attention the volume of end-user featu...

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MediaFork to 'unfork' back into HandBrake

As Erica noted back on the 12th, a contributed branch of the HandBrake DVD ripping tool was released as MediaFork, including plenty of updated library goodness and new features for conversion to iPod video formats. The development team on MediaFork had tried to contact HandBrake developer "titer" pr...

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MediaFork: Stick a fork in HandBrake

Not much has happened on the HandBrake front for quite some time, so some developers decided to fork the open source development and create their own nonofficial version. MediaFork is the open-source community-contributed HandBrake fork they developed. Like its parent, it's a DVD ripping applicatio...

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Easy iPod/PSP movies with Instant Handbrake

When it comes to turning a DVD into a movie file, Handbrake's name is hailed far and wide for its ease of use, speed and overall quality. Recently, Handbrake's developer took these praised aspects and raised the bar by releasing Instant Handbrake (beta), a one-stop, brain-dead-easy app for convertin...

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Turn that Mac mini into a media center - finally

When the mini was announced, about the only person NOT thinking "media center Mac" was Bill Gates. I immediately bought one, and I bought the then-new El Gato EyeTV with that ATI logo on it (the full name escapes me). That El Gato box is ugly, gets hot, and didn't really do what I wanted.....

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Handbrake Lite

The fine folks who brought us iSquint, now give us Handbrake Lite. You may remember Handbrake as that super cool app that rips DVD's into tons of different formats. Handbrake Lite is just like that, only it rips your DVD's into an iPod ready format (320x* MPEG-4 SP, ffmpeg, 1000kbps avg, 48000KHz 12...

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