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Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories for all

Welcome to TUAW's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! We're here to help you choose the best gifts this holiday season, and once you've received your gifts we'll tell you what apps and accessories we think are best for your new Apple gear. Stay tuned every weekday from now until the end of the year for ...

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Iomega introduces new large capacity portable hard drives for Mac

Iomega introduced a new line of portable hard drives for the Mac yesterday. Called the Iomega eGo Mac Edition Portable Hard Drive, the drives come in two sizes -- 500 GB and 1 TB -- and are designed with a special case to withstand drops from up to seven feet. The drives have two FireWire 800...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What is the lifespan of a large-capacity hard drive?

Dear Aunt TUAW, So here's the deal. There are 8-terabyte drives on the market now which, unless you are working for a production company or shooting buckets of RAW, you are never going to use. That's just extra space, which is great! Except, what is the lifespan of those drives? Will they fai...

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G-Tech G-Drive slim: stylish storage in a small package

I've been trying out the G-Tech G Drive slim portable hard drive for a few days and I'm quite impressed with it. The unit I tried was the 320 GB version, and in my "everyday user" tests, the drive performed remarkably well. Design The first thing you notice about the G Drive is that it look...

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Iomega eGo Helium Portable Hard Drive: Small, solid and secure

I have a pile of small USB-powered hard drives that I use to back up various devices. All of them are inexpensive, have somewhat limited storage, and are encased in plastic. The latter feature always makes me apprehensive about traveling with the drives, as they just don't seem to be sturdy eno...

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iFixit releases kit for a second hard drive in the Mac mini

I just went fiddling around in my old school Mac mini the other day. I put some extra memory in, sneaking inside that tiny extra bit of space to pull out the old sticks and punch in the new ones. But the newer Mac mini is even smaller than mine, which makes it all the more impressive that iFixi...

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Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive: Big storage, high-powered charging ports

Iomega has just introduced the new Mac Companion Hard Drive, a 2 or 3 TB external drive that not only offers a lot of storage in a nice-looking container, but also provides a high-powered USB port to charge up your iPad. The Mac Companion is priced a bit higher than high-capacity USB external...

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Apple issues recall for some iMac hard drives

Apple has issued notice of a recall of potentially defective 1 TB Seagate hard drives installed in iMacs sold between May and July of 2011. Apple has offered to replace the possibly defective drives free of charge until July 23, 2012. The drives, installed in 2011-model iMacs in both 21.5 and...

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Get back your HD info in Lion

Looking for that handy readout at the bottom of every Finder window telling you how many items are in the active folder, and how much free space is on your hard drive? In OS X 10.7 Lion, it's turned off by default (part of the cleaner, scrollbar-free new UI style). Easy enough to restore it, thou...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Disk Inventory X

With Lion on the way, maybe it's time to give your Mac a bit of spring cleaning. The best place to start is always the hard drive, and Disk Inventory X is a great tool. You let Disk Inventory X scan your hard drive and it creates a visual representation of the used file space on your disk cal...

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GoFlex Satellite is your iPad's portable, wireless hard drive

Seagate introduced the GoFlex Satellite, a portable, battery-powered hard drive targeted for iOS devices. The external hard drive includes an iOS app for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch that lets you browse and view multimedia files stored on the drive. Different than most external drives, the G...

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HDD Fan Control software addresses iMac hard drive replacement issue

Yesterday, Other World Computing wrote a post suggesting you could not install third-party hard drives in the new Sandy Bridge iMacs. According to OWC, any change in the hard drive or switching to a hard drive bay would cause the drive fan to spin at maximum speed. Though this problem does exis...

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OWC: Replacing main hard drive with third-party is not an option in new iMacs

The folks over at Other World Computing, best known for providing affordable upgrades for your Mac, delivered some bad news regarding installing a third-party hard drive in the new Sandy Bridge iMacs. Apparently, Apple altered the SATA power connector in such a way that removing the hard drive f...

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Ask TUAW: iPad browser refreshing, iPhone headphones, laptop upgrades and more

Welcome to Ask TUAW, your favorite weekly question-and-answer column. Now, we can never have too many questions, so please, go to the comments of this post and ask away. To get fabulous answers, we need your fabulous questions. You can also email your questions directly to ask [at], or pi...

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USB 3.0 for Mac benchmarks and review

Don't let Apple's lack of USB 3.0 support get you down. LaCie has you covered with the 2big USB 3.0 RAID drive, and Engadget has run benchmarks on it. The gang used a "relatively new" Mac Pro with the following specs: Apple Mac Pro (2009) 2.66GHz quad-core Intel Xeon 'Nehalem' CPU 6GB (2 x...

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