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Tag: hardware

Backblaze: Hard drive temps don't affect failure rates

The storage wizards at Backblaze have been analyzing the statistics on drive failures in their huge storage facilities, then posting the results on their blog. Today's stats are rather interesting, taking a look at how drive temperatures affect failure rates. The bottom line? Contrary to the long-...

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Free 1Password tutorial video and more news for April 14, 2014

Another Monday is upon us. But don't despair, it brought enough Apple news to share with the entire class. Let's get started. In light of the Heartbleed threat, ScreenCastsOnline has made a tutorial video featuring 1Password available for free. We're big fans of 1Password here at TUAW, as it make...

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Flickr find: A mischief of Apple mice

Flickr user Damien Ward has shared this collection of old-school Apple mice. How many can you name? Current models are missing, like the Magic Mouse, but many of us will recognize the good old "hockey puck." Recognize and shudder, that is. You can contribute to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to ...

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Whistle is like Fitbit for your dog

Whistle is a Fitbit for your dog, and more. This unobtrusive, durable and waterproof device attaches to Spot's collar and records data on his activities, day or night. Gather precious information for your vet, track progress towards fitness goals, view peaks and valleys in activity and even share ph...

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Backblaze stats on 27,000 hard drives show which ones keep on ticking

When your business value proposition is delivering inexpensive, reliable cloud backup for thousands of customers, you're going to learn a thing or two about drive reliability. The Backblaze team has been sharing that HDD savvy (gleaned from several years' experience and more than 75 petabytes of s...

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New year, new TUAW hardware reviews

Over the years, TUAW has dramatically increased the number of hardware reviews that are published. This year, we'll be changing the way we do our product reviews to not only make it possible for us to publish even more reviews, but to give our readers a much easier way to compare items in the same...

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Getting a 27-year-old Mac Plus onto the web

Released in early 1986 with a whopping 8 MHz processor and 4 MB of RAM, the Mac Plus doesn't have the makings of a machine meant to browse the web. But that didn't stop Jeff Keacher from amping up his trusty 27-year-old Mac Plus in an effort to get it up and running on the modern-day internet. Wi...

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Gen 2 lilitab adds easy on/off, MagKey to iPad kiosk

When we last checked in on the lilitab tablet kiosk product 18 months ago, the sturdy and economical stand delivered a sleek, minimalist look for retail and exhibit environments. Rolling forward to new tablet models, however, required replacing the entire head unit, and the fixed viewing angle was...

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Livescribe 3 smartpen announced for iOS devices

Livescribe has announced its Livescribe 3 smartpen today. The latest version of the popular print-to-digital pen features an ARM9 processor and a lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 14 hours. Using a high-speed infrared camera at the top of the pen, it captures everything you write and draw a...

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Optrix PhotoPro X: A waterproof iPhone case with interchangeable lenses

The iPhone is one of the most-used cameras in the world. However, in pursuit of the frequently illusive "perfect shot," more often than not you're required to take your iPhone into potential harm's way. The Optrix PhotoPro X (US$149.95) aims to protect your iPhone and enhance its camera in tha...

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Apple releases firmware fix for Toshiba SSDs in 2012 MacBook Airs

Apple has released MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1. The update can be downloaded by running Software Update on compatible MacBook Airs. The update is for mid-2012 MacBook Airs and will, in most cases, install the new firmware. But the update also checks the reliability of the MacBook...

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The iKettle brings tea time to your iPhone

Tech-savvy tea lovers (is there such a thing?) will be happy to know that an iPhone-connected tea kettle is coming soon to kitchen counters. Called the iKettle, of course, the WiFi kettle allows users to turn the kettle on remotely from their iPhones. It's even got an alarm function so when you wa...

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BOOM Urchin speaker for your listening pleasure

When I received the Boom Urchin speaker I have to admit that my first thoughts were that it was ugly and heavy. After using it for a month, I don't notice its weight or form factor, because I am delighted with its sound. BOOM Movement is one of three audio brands, along with Polk Audio and Defi...

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Hardware game controllers for iOS devices may be right around the corner

One of the great new iOS 7 features that hasn't gotten a terrible amount of press is its support for MFi game controllers. As a quick primer, "MFi" indicates that a product has been officially licensed for use on the iPhone / iPad / iPod and thus meets Apple's specifications. While current gaming...

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Conspicuously absent from Apple's media event -- new iPods

Apple's media event on Tuesday was chock-full of important announcements; new iPhone designs, enhanced camera functionality, a fingerprint-authorization sensor and more. What we didn't hear was any mention of Apple's revered iPod. Indeed, this marks just the second time in eight years that Apple ...

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