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Angry Birds Go! kart racer now in the App Store

There's a new dimension to the Angry Birds gaming ecosystem today, a wild kart racer title for iOS called Angry Birds Go! (free, with in-app purchases). The famous birds and pigs are now involved in a 3D downhill race in karts that range from soapbox racers to flying supercars... provided you're w...

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Daily iPad: Play-Doh Create ABCs lets kids squish dough while they learn their letters

Are there times when your kids ask about Play-Doh and you say no because it's just too messy? Or maybe you have a little one darting around who is more likely to sample some dough instead of squeeze it through his or her fingers? If you find yourself with a young child who wants Play-Doh, but can'...

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The Hasbro My3D is out, but the AP says stick with 2D for now

The Associated Press has gotten a hands-on look at the Hasbro My3D, the 3D-goggle accessory for the iPhone that the toy company originally announced in November. The final price of the device is US$35, but as AP points out, it's more of a curiosity rather than a device someone will use for th...

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Hasbro making 3D goggles for iPhone

The whole 3D movement may now have officially jumped the shark with the introduction of the My3D from Hasbro. The idea of sitting in front of the living room TV and wearing a pair of goofy glasses in order to see an artificial reproduction of the real world is bad enough, but we really can't see ...

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Monopoly Here and Now released at Macgamestore

I never even realized such a thing existed, but apparently Hasbro (which now owns the Monopoly brand) had released a computer version of the famous real estate game, completely updated for 2007-- as in, there are Hybrid cars and RAZRs in the game (yeah, yeah, I'll get to that in a second), and luxur...

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