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Hazel 2

Hazel is a TUAW favorite, and we have been anxiously awaiting the day when Hazel 2 exits beta. Well, folks, today is that day. Hazel 2 is now available for purchase (a free upgrade for current users, and $21.95 for a single user license). Hazel is an automation tool that makes organizing your files ...

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Hazel 2.0 beta released with application uninstalling, tons of new features

Hazel is one of those truly clever, useful apps that I think could make the Mac computing world a better place if everyone bought a license (and used it, of course). If you haven't seen our previous coverage, Hazel is - in a nutshell - your "personal housecleaner," allowing you to specify rules f...

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A Kinkless Desktop

Ethan Schoonover is the creator of Kinkless GTD, the series of AppleScripts for OmniOutliner that was one of the first serious GTD implementations on the Mac. He has since contributed to the development of the forthcoming OmniFocus. Ethan's productivity tips go beyind kGTD, however, and he has a fiv...

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Ask TUAW: Bluetooth, 5.1 Audio, VNC, Adium with QS, and more

This week's Ask TUAW takes us into questions about Bluetooth File Exchange, 5.1 audio, VNC, getting Adium and Quicksilver working together, EVDO, automated file management based on label color, and more. As always, please leave your own comments, and ask more questions for next week either in the co...

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Hazel update brings even more productivity to automated file manager

I instantly fell in love with Hazel from Noodlesoft the first time I found it back in September '06, and since then it has received a literal landslide of new features that make it even more indispensable to any heavy file trafficker. For those just tuning in, Hazel is fundamentally a file organi...

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Hazel - automated file management

Hazel is one of those rare pieces of software (with a strange name) that feels like it's filling a gaping feature void I didn't even know Apple left in Mac OS X: it's a powerful, rule-based file and folder management app that brings a little bit of Automator, AppleScript and Folder Actions to the t...

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