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Why HBO GO took so long to reach the Apple TV

On Wednesday we reported that HBO GO was finally making its long-awaited debut on the Apple TV. A press release on the matter read, in part: HBO GO users get unlimited access to their favorite HBO shows, including HBO original programming, hit movies, sports, documentaries, comedy specials and...

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HBO Go update for iOS brings AirPlay multitasking support along with Game of Thrones enhancements

HBO on Monday updated its HBO Go app with a few small, yet notable enhancements. First and foremost, version 2.1 of the HBO Go app now supports AirPlay multitasking. Subscribers can use other apps even while HBO content is being streamed to an HDTV via AirPlay. The app includes specific...

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Apple TV may get HBO Go in first half of 2013

Could it finally happen? Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is "in negotiations" with HBO to bring HBO Go to the Apple TV in app form during the first half of 2013. As our fearless leader Victor Agreda pointed out upon hearing the news, "Of course they're in negotiations -- they're in them all the...

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HBO confirms negotiations with Fox and Universal for iCloud video streaming

You may recall that after last week's introduction of the new Apple TV, we noted that Fox and Universal weren't providing iCloud video streaming content due to existing contractual obligations with HBO. Well, that's a temporary situation, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that HBO is working...

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HBO adds HD programming to iTunes

HBO has finally started to offer some of its shows in HD in the iTunes store. As first noted by MacRumors, HBO shows that are now available in HD (in the US and Canada) are: Big Love, Bored to Death, Carnivale, Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 7), Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, Entourage (Seasons...

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HBO GO for iOS lets you play over 1400 programs from just about anywhere

HBO GO allows an HBO subscriber to stream over 1400 programs on a computer with a Flash-enabled browser, but just last week, a few days ahead of the scheduled May 2nd release, HBO released the HBO GO iOS app. This free universal app is pretty amazing. If you are an HBO subscriber and your...

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HBO GO app to bring Tony Soprano to your iOS device

Need an Entourage of Sopranos to entertain you while you manage a Boardwalk Empire with your Band of Brothers? Starting in May, HBO subscribers will be able to enjoy "instant and unlimited access to the best HBO has to offer" using an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Time Warner subsidiary HBO,...

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HBO iPad app scheduled to arrive in six months

Do you need to catch up with Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm? Do you want to re-watch that interview from Real Sports? Soon, you'll be able to do just that on your iPad. HBO Co-President Eric Kessler said that the premium cable channel is planning on releasing an iPad app (dubbed HBO Go) that...

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HBO releases iPhone app

HBO has released their very own app for the iPhone, and it's surprisingly deep for an app released by a premium cable channel. There's the obvious stuff -- you can view schedules and watch clips and previews of HBO shows as well as behind-the-scenes and other content. But there's even some cool...

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HBO just added to iTunes, some episodes cost $2.99

That was quick. Just yesterday I wrote about the rumored addition of HBO shows to the iTunes Store and today they show up on iTunes. The following HBO shows are now available on iTunes, though some of the episodes cost more than $1.99: The Wire Flight of the Conchords Rome The Sopranos ...

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HBO might be coming to iTunes, with flexible pricing is reporting that you might soon be able to find Tony Soprano in the iTunes Store. HBO, the premium cable channel known for its original programming, is in talks with Apple to add HBO programming to the iTunes Store. This is good news for fans of HBO shows, but the real story here is...

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Widget Watch: HBO Widget

I haven't been this impressed with a widget's capabilities in a long time. The HBO widget is highly functional and eye candy-infused, allowing you not only to check the program guides for both HBO and Cinemax channels, but you can browse and view their 'large collection' of teasers right inside the...

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