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Epson Megaplex MG-850HD Projector is ready for your iPhone, iPad

Epson has an HD projector that was designed with Apple customers in mind. The MegaPlex MG-850-HD has all the bells and whistles you would normally see on a mid-range projector including HD 720P support, a brightness of 2800 lumens and built-in speakers, but it's the projector's connectivity opt...

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Star Wars Blu-ray pre-release app ready for iPhone

Fox Mobile Entertainment updated its Star Wars Blu-Ray Early Access App to include support for the iPhone. Now all you smartphone owners can enjoy the same experience as your iPad-owning brethren. The app is a teaser meant to tide you over until the Blu-Ray discs land next month. It includes tr...

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HBO adds HD programming to iTunes

HBO has finally started to offer some of its shows in HD in the iTunes store. As first noted by MacRumors, HBO shows that are now available in HD (in the US and Canada) are: Big Love, Bored to Death, Carnivale, Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 7), Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, Entourage (Seasons ...

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Skype 5.3 adds Lion support, HD video calls

Although Skype has been working fine with OS X Lion -- heck, I used version 5.1 for last week's TUAW TV Live and it worked wonderfully -- the team at Skype has made another revision to the popular internet calling / video chat application. Skype 5.3 for Mac OS X is now available for download ...

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary now available on iPad for free

You could argue that there's not much need for a separate dictionary app any more. With dictionary services built into nearly every interface and Google and Wikipedia searches just a tap away, it's not hard to find out what a word means or how it's spelled any more. But sometimes you may just w...

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Apple HDTV vs. Apple TV HD

Everyone's favorite and always accurate source, "analysts," have been jumping up and down over the past few days saying, "You guys! You guys! Seriously! Apple's making an HDTV! I'm serious, you guys, it's coming out later this year!" This is another one of those Rumors that Just Won't Die, right...

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TUAW's Daily App: World of Goo

Let's be honest here, ... you probably already know all about World of Goo. You know it's an excellent little physics puzzler from 2D Boy, and honestly, you probably already bought it, considering that it sold better on the iPad than any other platform and has even been seen in the Humble Indie...

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TUAW's Daily App: Drawn: The Painted Tower

A little while back at GDC, I was introduced to a market for games that I'd never known much about before. There is a whole ecosystem of casual game companies out there that make PC games that appeal to an audience outside of the usual gaming crowd (read: usually older and female). Big Fish Gam...

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FaceTime now in the Mac App Store, 720p video calling

Along with the launch of its new MacBook Pros, which include FaceTime HD cameras, Apple has released an updated version of its FaceTime application. The new FaceTime for Mac lets you send and receive 720p HD video calls on supported Intel Macs. The standard iSight cameras on previous Mac hardwa...

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Rage for iOS supports video out, available now in SD and HD

id games has released the iPhone version of Rage in two different versions, both SD and HD, available right now universally for the iPhone and the iPad. TUAW spoke with John Carmack this afternoon, and he said that the HD version is about twice as nice as the SD version: "All of the user interface ...

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TUAW's Daily App: SteamBirds

There are a lot of good strategy games from World War I, and there are some good combat games out there as well. But SteamBirds is an interesting combination of both. It's an air combat game that plays out in a 2D field turn-by-turn, so while you're simulating high-flying air combat, you're actuall...

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Mac has Blu-ray envy in Microsoft ad

Are Macs envious of Windows 7's ability to play Blu-ray discs? Microsoft seems to think so, as seen in this stop-motion web video highlighting a Windows 7 laptop computer and a jealous MacBook. The MacBook is blown away by the PC's ability to play a Blu-ray disc of Avatar, saying "it feels like we'...

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Microsoft joins Apple in stance against Blu-ray

Apple has a surprising ally in its campaign of apathy against Sony's Blu-ray disc format. Microsoft, of all companies, has also stepped out with a passive-aggressive stance against the standard, as UK head of Xbox gaming head Steven McGill says that "Blu-ray is going to be passed by as a format." He...

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TUAW's Daily App: Fruit Ninja

We've covered Halfbrick's later game Monster Dash here in this space (and it's a good one -- I'm still giving it the occasional run-through on my iPhone), but their great Fruit Ninja title has never actually been given this particular spotlight. Let's fix that now. Fruit Ninja is a simple but well-...

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i(Pad) of the Tiger

This is great! Photographer Jordan Hollender and musician Scott Harris put together this music video that covers Survivor's classic anthem and uses only iPad apps as instruments. The video itself was recorded with a couple of Canon HDSLR video cameras, but as you can see in the embedded version a...

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