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Daily Mac App: Hydra Pro 3

HDR photography is a technique that produces images with a very high dynamic range. To produce an HDR image, you take several shots at varying shutter speeds and combine them using a technique called tone mapping to produce the final photograph. Hydra Pro 3 will allow you to combine up to sev...

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HDR Fusion for iPhone is free today only

Even though I do a lot of high end photo work, I still enjoy using the iPhone's camera, and i was especially happy to see Apple add HDR capabilities to the iPhone 4. HDR lets you get good pictures under challenging conditions when there is a mixture of very bright light, like the sky, and objects...

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True HDR for iPhone adds features and goes on sale

I've looked at TrueHDR in the past and found it a competent app for getting good photos in challenging exposure situations. HDR techniques are excellent when you are faced with taking photos of people when there is a bright sky behind them. The app has been updated today with some worthwhile fe...

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HDR Darkroom Pro is a fast and inexpensive app for creating impressive landscape images

It's nice to see more awareness of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. The iPhone has a built-in HDR mode, and more and more software is supporting the combining of images shot at different shutter speeds, combined to create an image that captures more shadow detail without blowing out the high...

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TrueHDR for iPhone updates and improves photo quality

HDR (high dynamic range) photos are getting a lot of buzz now, especially since Apple built HDR capabilities into the iPhone 4. While the official Apple implementation is pretty good, I still suggest photographers take a look at third party offerings which have more options, and in my opinion, some ...

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The HDR race continues as TrueHDR gets updated

We've been keeping a close eye on the race for the best HDR (high dynamic range) photo app for the iPhone. In my latest survey, I advised that progress would be fast as paid apps move to compete with the free Apple HDR software, and that's what's happened. TrueHDR, a US$1.99 app, has been updated to...

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HDR photo hands-on with iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1

I've never used one of the HDR apps, so I was eager to try out this new feature using iOS 4.1 on my iPhone 4. Launching the camera now gives you an HDR option at the top of your screen. It's automatically set to off. When you toggle the option on, it will automatically switch the camera flash ...

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Apple announces the release of iOS 4.1

During today's press conference, Steve Jobs announced the release of iOS 4.1. The new operating system for iPhone and iPod touch comes with the following features: High Dynamic Range photos: The phone will take three photos in rapid succession -- one at what the phone thinks is the normal ima...

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TrueHDR for iPhone updated for Retina Display and iPhone 4 camera

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography isn't for everyone, but it can really help when taking pictures with extreme shadow or light. HDR images basically combine two or more pictures taken at different exposures. Using a process called tone mapping, you get a new image that displays more detail in the...

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The iPhone 4 and a Mac on a photography trek

Until a recent trip up to Canyon de Chelly in Northeast Arizona, I hadn't fully realized just how important Apple products have become to my photo workflow. As I sat back to think about the number of ways that Apple has made my job behind the camera easier, I began to realize just how dramaticall...

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Enhance your iPhone 3GS photography with Pictional's TrueHDR app

I am a BIG fan of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. It's a method of shooting multiple exposures at different shutter speed settings to bring out the detail in shadows and enhance the color of objects you take pictures of. It is particularly useful for landscape photography, and not so good for ...

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Friday Favorite: Photomatix Pro

There are few times I have used software that really caused my jaw to drop. Photomatix Pro did just that. It's a Mac OS X utility that allows you to create what are called High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from separate digital exposures taken at different shutter speeds (exposure levels). These pictu...

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Creaceed's HDR photography contest

Although many TUAW contests are limited to North American participants, here's a contest sponsored by a Belgian Mac development firm that is open to everybody! Creaceed's Hydra 1.6 software is a Leopard-only solution for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs. If you're not familiar with H...

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Hydra 1.5: HDR and OS X beauty revisited

Back in January, the folks from Creaceed released version 1.0 of Hydra -- a Leopard-only, GPU-powered photo application for creating High Dynamic Range photos that competes with the much-renowned Photomatix Pro. Just in time for the Apple Design Awards version 1.5 of Hydra is available. With more to...

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DRIMaker: Automated High Dynamic Range Images

High Dynamic Range (wikipedia) images are all the rage these days. These images are produced by combining several different shots of the same scene with different exposure settings; this allows photographers to create images that almost jump off the screen. This HDR image of NYC, which made the fro...

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