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Walgreens employees use iPads to aid customers

The next time you visit your local Walgreens store to get a prescription, find pain relief, choose laxatives or buy "Walker Balls," you may get help from an iPad-toting Walgreens employee called a "health guide." Walgreens, based in Deerfield, IL, is testing a new service in 16 stores in the ...

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iTriage 3.0 adds live wait times for acute care facilities, medicine information and more

When TUAW last talked with the folks behind iTriage, it was shortly before World Health Day in 2010, and the app had just updated to version 2.0 with a version for Android. A little more than 16 months later, iTriage has hit version 3.0 with a plethora of changes and new features such as: ...

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iPhone 4 turned into a microscope via CellScope attachment

CellScope is a UC Berkeley project designed to enable microscopic image captures from a cell phone's camera. At first it might sound like a pointlessly geeky project to do microscopy on a cell phone, but in fact it has important applications for mobile health services in remote areas. In some area...

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Stats of the Union brings American demographic data to the iPad

If you have an interest in American demographics and statistics, you need to check out the Stats of the Union iPad app. Statistics are only useful when you have a clear way of organizing and viewing the data. Without being able to do that, you can't glean any useful information from the numbers...

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1,800 iPads on the way to Ottawa Hospital

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is reporting that the Ottawa Hospital, which already has about 500 Apple tablets being used by health-care providers, has recently ordered another 1,800 iPads to replace paper medical charts. Doctors at the facility currently use iPads to examine X-rays, writ...

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Apple joining effort to build $2 billion hospital

Apple has joined up with other computer firms, including eBay, HP and Intel, in an effort to build a brand new hospital in Stanford, near Palo Alto, CA. The hospital is expected to cost over US$2 billion, and $550 million of that will be donated and raised by the corporate partners program, which A...

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iPhonECG turns your iPhone 4 into an affordable cardiac event monitor

Quick -- you're watching House, M.D. with a friend and he suddenly complains of lightheadedness and heart palpitations, then passes out on your couch. Is it a common atrial fibrillation, or is it a third-degree atrioventricular block needing emergency atropine and an electrical pacer? Soon, assumin...

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iPads headed into operating rooms along with surgeons

While some hospitals are eying the iPad as a way of going paperless with patient records, Georgetown University is already putting them directly in the operating room and into the hands of its surgeons. Offering real-time access to records and images of patients while inside the operating room, iPad...

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Australia election campaign promises iPads in every hospital

In what I can comfortably say is a previously unimagined application, the iPad is now being used as an election promise to entice voters in Australia. ZDNet notes that the promise was made last week by Victorian Premier John Brumby as part of a proposed new state health policy, which would see iPads...

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iPad app helps you understand US health care reform

In the US, Election Day is just over two weeks away. While there are many issues people will be turning up to vote their conscience on, one of the biggest issues will be health care reform. While the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was signed into law back in March of this year,...

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iPhone-connected blood glucose meter now closer to reality

TUAW received a tip this morning about something that could be immensely useful to the over 17.9 million people in the U.S., as well as millions in other countries, who have diabetes. Pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis has announced the iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter that connects directly to the...

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New app helps the uninsured find free healthcare

Though The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that President Obama signed into law last month was a huge step in advancing universal health care for Americans, most of the dramatic benefits won't go into affect until 2014 (and even then, it's still not technically "universal"). But until we ...

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Voalté One iPhone and iPad apps streamline healthcare communications

We've posted about the use of both the iPhone and iPad in the healthcare industry before, and there are a number of apps that have been developed to take advantage of the iPhone in hospitals and clinics. One of our readers pointed out that Voalté, a company that specializes in hospital paging...

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Hospitals eye the iPad for low-cost paperless records

Unless you have absolutely no imagination, you've probably noticed the resemblance of the iPad to one of those cheap little clipboards that your friendly neighborhood doctor carries around on rounds. Apple is rumored to be making its own rounds of hospitals marketing the new über-iPod touch, ha...

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