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iPhone 101: A user guide to take with you

If you're going to be a new iPhone 3G owner this week, you might want to make a note of this site to help you get acquainted with your new mobile device. Apple has a guide to the iPhone available at http://help.apple.com/iphone/guide that you can view directly in MobileSafari, so you'll always have ...

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TUAW Tip: Use Help to select menu items in Leopard

Over at Mac OS X Hints I recently ran into this doozy of a hint that I somehow missed on its first go around. Basically the idea is to capitalize on a great new feature in Leopard's help. You can get to any menu item without your mouse by activating the help menu with the keyboard shortcut ??? + ? ...

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Leopard screensaver, Help menu video leaked

When I posted the new System Preferences pane in Leopard earlier this week, I was a little disappointed to see that while the desktop had changed (here it is online, if you want to make it your own already-- thanks, Ryan D!), the screensaver had not. I figured this is because Apple wasn't bringing ...

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Adium devs need YOU

Adium 1.0.1 is a great (and long-awaited) release for the free & open-source multiplatform chat client. The work, however, continues, and the Adium developers are politely asking for your help. First, there are a slew of items that need user feedback, and you can do that, right? Second, additio...

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Apple TV and iPhone forums open at Apple Discussions

Did your brand new iTV just go on the iFritz? Or possibly your iPhone took a cue from Mr. Jobs and prank called Japa- Wait, they aren't out yet? Well, maybe these two shiny new pre-release Apple Discussion forums, one for the Apple TV and another for the iPhone, will still come in handy for chattin...

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Ask TUAW: This week's answers; Call for Questions renewed

Last week we issued the first call for questions for the Ask TUAW weekly help column and now it's time to take a shot at some answers. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question. And since we'll be back next Wednesday, we want to renew the call for questions. Please submit your question via the com...

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Ungenius - the other side of the Genius Bar

Beyond a doubt, Apple's retail stores have been and still are making headlines of all kinds - from business magazines hailing the stores' sleek design, to consumer reviews giving the stores high marks for their unique and (ideally) helpful Genius Bar feature. However, as some of you may know - not e...

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Apple to release new in-store brochures, t-shirts

I'm delighted to see ifoAppleStore reporting that Apple will be releasing a new series of brochures and employee t-shirts in their retail stores to advertise the wide range of creative capabilities their Macs and software offer to consumers. The cover of the 12-page brochure (pictured) seems largely...

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Attention Apple: Canada is not a U.S. territory

Earlier today while reading Splorp, a favorite blog of mine, I came across this post. Seems that, buried deep within the help files for Apple's DVD Player is the screen depicted at the right, which mistakenly lists Canada as a U.S. territory. We may share some land mass with our next door neighbors,...

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