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Henrico County to continue using Macs

Remember The Battle of Henrico, where thousands of Mac-craved cheapskates gathered to purchase student-abused iBooks for $50, resulting in a Lord of the Rings-like skirmish that made the typically-unimpassioned PC world pause and wonder why the hell anybody would be so enthusiastic over a fricken' b...

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Henrico iBook chaos makes good T-shirt fodder

This is sick and twisted and offensive and sad and tragic and yet I can't stop laughing. Is that wrong?HENRICO COUNTY $50 iBook t-shirtOnly $7 with free shipping... cheaper than making your own! It would be nice if this enterprising auctioneer were to donate the proceeds to charity, or to the Henric...

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$50 iBooks cause stampede!

No, you aren't reading The Onion. Yes, there really was a stampede. No one was seriously injured, but this morning's $50 iBook sale was an insane mob scene by all accounts. Lines of parked cars started to form around 1:30am and by 7:00am, when the sale was to begin, the line was said to be more than...

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