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Found Footage: "I fell in love at the Apple Store"

Here's an earworm for you; hip-hop group FattySpins recorded a love song to ladies and to all things Apple, and filmed the video (above) at the landmark Apple Store Fifth Avenue. The song manages to not only encompass a lot of Apple products in its lyrics, but also manages to poke some good fun at...

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MacBook Pro, music video star

We tweeted this last week, but it seemed worth a second mention: New York-based hip-hop artists DeScribe and Y-Love have released their video for the new single "Change," prominently featuring a trio of MacBook Pro machines. While many computers appearing in videos are idle or showing mocked-up ...

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'I got more ports than a wine store do.'

For your Wednesday morning amusement, the Sniper Twins have put together this hilarious video promotion for Seagate: a hip-hop office drama, replete with Mac desktops, laptops and servers. This definitely falls in the "so bad it's good" category, so if you have a low tolerance for office-themed iro...

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