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How the iPhone has influnced Intamac's connected home services

Intamac was probably one of the least consumer-facing appointments we had at last week's CES conference in Las Vegas -- the company develops and supports home monitoring systems, mostly for other businesses (security companies and telecommunications companies) rather than actual consumers. But it w...

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Denon and Marantz release AirPlay update for $49

Denon and Marantz announced that owners of select AV receiver models can download a highly anticipated AirPlay update. The update will let you stream video from your iOS 4.2 device or from your iTunes library on your PC or Mac. Receivers eligible for the update include, Denon AVR-4311CI Deno...

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Klipsch shows off AirPlay-enabled speaker docks at CES

One day before CES begins here in Las Vegas, Klipsch invited journalists to visit a gallery of their products, and that's where we got to see the company's new line of "soundbars," specially made speaker docks that will come equipped to support Apple's own AirPlay system. The docks we saw were prot...

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Artist creates real-life home icon

Artist Johannes P. Osterhoff (whom you may remember from his paintings using OS X elements) has been reusing Apple's interface elements again. His latest project is a real-life construction of the Home icon from OS X, which he's made into a wearable display. The doors and shutters are actually re...

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TUAW's Daily App: Home 3D

Lest you think that all we'll be spotlighting in this space is games, here's an interesting app meant for anyone thinking about adding a couch to that living room or putting an extra bed in the back bedroom. Home 3D is an "architecture and interior design app" that allows you to model out your home...

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Louis Vuitton selling an iPad case you don't need

Luxist is our luxury-obsessed sister blog here at Weblogs, Inc, and even though I'm just a poor blogger, I still enjoy browsing through their site every day, checking out all of the stuff I don't need and can't buy. Enter the Louis Vuitton iPad case, patterned canvas cases made by the famous French...

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Take your apps to the table with these iPhone icon coasters

With over 100,000 applications available, there's no shortage of ways people are using the iPhone's features. But how about on the coffee table or in the dining room? A new website is offering sets of coasters featuring the iPhone's default application icons. According to the website, the co...

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HP makes nice with Apple users, intros two new MediaSmart Servers

While there are still some Snow Leopard users who are cursing HP and Apple for incompatible or nonexistent drivers for a variety of printers that worked well under Leopard, HP has made an announcement that shows that they really do love all things Apple. HP today announced two new MediaSmart serv...

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Extending your iPhone's battery

IntoMobile has a few good tips on how to extend your iPhone's battery life, and most of them involve the most obvious thing you can do to keep your iPhone running: cut down on any and all extra functions. They actually recommend to turn off 3G, but you don't have to go that far -- just by holding do...

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Mac Geekery debunks Dashboard 'phoning home'

JC (yes, the Ungenius guy) at Mac Geekery has used some UNIX tricks to do some digging into the whole 'Dashboard phoning home' topic that's been heating up the Mac web lately. After all is said and done and JC lays out exactly what is happening, he concludes that not only is Mac OS X 10.4.7 not send...

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TUAW Tip: visit your Library

This tip could definitely be classified as rudimentary to some, but I thought it would be handy to shed some light on a folder in the Home directory that is rarely opened by many users: the Library. For those who sometimes wonder things such as where Safari stores your bookmarks or where ke...

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TUAW Tip: Put your apps wherever you want

When you download a new application, its installation process typically tells you to either drag it into your Mac's Applications folder, or it has a full-blown installer that takes care of this process for you. But who says you have to keep all your apps in the Applications folder? Many applications...

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